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Move Your Career Forward: The Highest Paying Job in India

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Did you know that there are nearly 1.3 billion people in India with a life expectancy of about 67 years?

Several hundred thousands of these people are young adults who visit one of the 39,000 colleges in this country. Most of these colleges are in Bangalore, one of the most popular Indian districts.

College graduates are lucky enough to get some of the highest paying jobs in India and benefit from stable incomes and benefits.

But if you’re looking to pursue a career in this beautiful country, which one should you focus on? Which jobs in India pay the most?

Keep reading this article to find out what are the higher paying jobs in India.

7 Highest Paying Jobs In India

Before learning more about Indian jobs, you need to be familiar with the term “lakh”. This is a numbering system which means 100,000 units.

You’ll frequently see it when large numbers are mentioned. For example, the rupee is the Indian currency. One rupee is about 1.5 cents. 1000 rupees would be around 14 dollars. 100,000 rupees is equal to roughly 1,440 dollars.

When talking about salaries of Indian jobs, you’ll probably see something like “Rs 3 LPA”. “Rs” stands for rupees and “LPA” stands for lakhs per annum. In other words, the salary is 3 lakhs per year or 300,000 rupees per year.

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to discover the higher paying jobs in India.

1. Lawyer

There will always be a demand for lawyers in every country, regardless of its economy or political status. To become a lawyer in India, young adults need to go to various law schools in certain districts and study aspects such as crime, litigation, corporate laws, etc.

After graduating from good law schools, Indian students can earn between 7 and 10 lakhs per year on average. This depends on the city they practice this job, their expertise, and other factors.

2. Doctors

There will always be a need for doctors in every community as well.

In fact, the Indian healthcare industry requires a plethora of medical doctors in various fields to treat a wide variety of diseases. Surgeons are some of the most sought after medical professionals.

Indian parents have always helped their children get into medical school and practice this profession. Although this is a relatively complex job, it pays around 7-8 lakhs per year on average for a freshman and the salary grows with experience and accomplishments.

3. Web Designers

It is commonly accepted that Indians have a natural affinity for computers and everything related to them.

In fact, some of the best web designers in the world come from India. More and more websites and product commercials are created every day and someone needs to design the logos, banners, flyers, brochures, postcards and every other graphics item.

This is a long-term job with a high pay rate, not to mention that’s also entertaining. It stimulates your creativity and lets you collaborate with top brands around the world. As a web designer, you can earn 4-5 lakhs per year as a freshman and much more when you work with top clients.

4. SEO Experts

This is another place where Indians excel!

Just as web design, being a search engine optimization expert can pay good dividends in the long run.

This job implies tweaking websites and blogs to become more popular in search engine queries. It might appear like a complex job, but once you know the basics, it can be fun to experiment with various algorithms and test how a search engine works.

You can become an SEO expert by taking online courses which can be both paid or free. It is possible to obtain certifications which you can add to your CV. The salary depends on your expertise and what clients you're collaborating with as well as what types of SEO services you provide for them.

5. Business Analyst

This profession is ideal for people who love working with numbers every day.

As a business analyst, you’re required to solve problems for business professionals and help them come up with solutions to increase market share, achieve higher profits or expand in other countries.

You’ll need to go to business school and learn the micro-economics and macro-economics of various business models. You will also be required to use various share market apps to develop winning business strategies for your clients. Your salary can be between 5 and 7 lakhs per year, but it can grow exponentially as you work with higher-paying clients.

6. Architect

Since India is a fast developing country, architects are required to create blueprints for new highway systems, residential buildings, commercial spaces and more.

This is also a stable job as there is always a need for someone to create the schematics for a new building. You can be paid around 4 lakhs per year in the beginning, but you can make much more as you become more experienced.

As an architect, you need to like how to draw and see things in space. It’s not really that complicated and this field is always looking for young individuals with a creative mind and a desire to work.

7. Scientist

In a similar fashion, India also requires a plethora of competent people to focus on research and development in various fields such as farming, healthcare, sports, engineering, automotive, etc.

Therefore, you can learn how to become a scientist and help in raising the quality of life for Indians by developing new products and services. As a scientist, you can take advantage of government research capital and scholarships to discover new things in various industries.

When it comes to payscale, this depends on the project you’re working on as well as the chosen industry, but remember that this is a stable and respectable job, so you’ll not struggle financially.

Which One Is Your Favorite?

Obviously, these are just a few examples of the highest paying jobs in India, but hopefully, they got you inspired.

If you were given a chance to choose your career, which one would it be? Post your answer in the comments below!

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