Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Moving in 101: How to Make Your Fiancé Feel Welcome in Your Home

Inviting your fiancé to stay over at your place means welcoming them to become a part of your life thoroughly. And most certainly, this will not be the slightest bit easy.

You will need to make practical, visible, and quite drastic changes in both your living space and lifestyle. Plus, you will have to adapt to these changes and modify them overtime to make your fiancé feel truly at home. Below are a few common approaches to make your partner feel more comfortable living with you.


Make Room in the Closet 

Perhaps, what may seem like the biggest change to you is sharing the same closet. Before your fiancé arrived in your life, invasion in your closet might have been a very offensive idea. But now, when you willingly chose to live with your partner, this drastic change is inevitable.

You will need to clear up some of your stuff and give them an equal share in the closet. Doing so will make your fiancé more at home as the very closet will house the belongings they treasure.


Invite them to bring in All of Their Stuff

Sharing a closet also indicates the arrival of the newer stuff. It might mean that your house will now have double the things, making management and organization more difficult than usual. Be it in terms of books, clothes, edible stuff, and whatnot. However, let us inform you that one way or another, the goal is achievable. Eventually, you will find ways to accommodate all that you both own within the available space.

For that very reason, do not hesitate to ask your partner to bring in all that they own. In actuality, we encourage you to do so as it will catalyze making them feel at home.


Share the Workspace

Given the current circumstances of the world, chances are that you and your fiancé will work from home. And in that case, they will need their workspace.

To make them feel at home and comfortable, you can set up a separate desk for them. You might need to arrange an office chair, a small desk, or equipment similar to yours for an appropriate work desk setup. Or perhaps, you can set up a separate corner just like you have it for yourself.  With their custom and personal workspace, they will not feel stressed or miss the one they set up previously back at their apartment.


Split the Bills

Although the exchange of engagement rings meant that you both will now do all in your capacity for one another and lessen each other’s burden, it also meant that you will both grow together as one entity. And for both of you to unite and become a team, you need to have equal roles and share of work.

In this way, the other will not feel burdened. And both of you will contribute a share to the possibility of a We. It will assist you in developing a stronger bond and develop ownership of your shared space.


Prepare for Changes in Routine

You cannot expect your fiancé to feel at home if you refuse to give up on habits that your partner doesn't approve of. For example, if your fiancé prefers sleeping with complete silence or no hints of light and you prefer it with the TV turned on, it may drive your significant other away. They may consider it wiser to stay at their place to avoid conflict or making you uncomfortable.

 Hence, we advise you to be rather understanding and flexible with your habits. If you give up on your preference for mutual good, your fiancé will most likely reciprocate the same. Thus, eventually contributing to a stronger bond between you two.


Final Words 

Lastly, remember, only you can make your partner truly feel welcome at home. No matter how many changes you make at your place, your fiancé won’t truly feel at home unless you bring changes in yourself and your lifestyle. Be open to changes and stay flexible at times! The rest will all turn out fine hopefully!

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