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Organization of moving in Boston with movers

Moving company organizes home and office moving, transportation of things and furniture. Moving services can be ordered on a turnkey basis. This means that we can order a car for moving, as well as the work of loaders, including assembly and disassembly of furniture and equipment, arrangement according to the plan, packaging, etc. Moving company Octopus makes turnkey moves.

Moving in Boston becomes more affordable and better with myoctopusmoving.com. The company has its own fleet of vehicles with carrying capacity from 1.5 tons to 20 tons and its own team of responsible and professional movers.

Why you should trust a moving company

They offer not just transportation of things but also comprehensively solve the problem of transportation of property.

Turnkey moving: what are the services of a moving company

Clients choose them because we take the organization of the process under full control. Available services:

  • Hire a car for moving;
  • Hire a team of workers to load / unload things, dismantle / install equipment and furniture, packaging and more;

Moving: transport company or individual movers and a car

The choice of contractor for moving services depends on your capabilities and priorities.

  • Moving with movers is unlikely to be cheaply ordered in our moving company, because the organization covers a wide range of services. but the company is responsible for their quality and constantly supports it.
  • A separate car with movers for moving will be inexpensive only in the case when you devote a lot of time to search and coordination.
  • In the transport company you sign a contract for the provision of services, so be sure that you will be provided with services in full and at a predetermined price.
  • Some contractors may not sign the contract, and you will need to strictly control the process, the cost of the services may change.
  • They are responsible for the safety of the cargo, which cannot be said about unverified contractors.

Turnkey moving saves time and nerves

It is much more convenient and profitable to order a car for moving with loaders with all additional services in transport companies. The moving company provides both the car and the workers together and at a certain time. You do not risk delaying the start of the move for the whole day. If the company organizes a turnkey move, it means that you do not have to worry about packing or delivery of things.

Moving services provided by Octopus Moving Company:

  1. Transportation of things and furniture by trucks in Boston
  2. Packing furniture, appliances, things in film and boxes
  3. Moving with movers: loading and unloading
  4. Disassembly, assembly and arrangement of furniture and equipment according to the plan
  5. Home moving
  6. Office moving
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