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Moving tips from Licensed & Experienced Moving Company

Get excited as you are about to move to your new home! But before that, you have to deal with a lot of stuff to carry. You can’t bring along your whole house in one fell swoop. You need to move the items piece by piece or aggregates by aggregates.

Gone are the days when you would have to place everything into your car. Of course, you could always ask friends for help, however imposing like this can make you unpopular. For most people it makes sense to hire a moving company.

Now, you don’t need to worry. Here are some of the tips and tricks from premium movers such as the kansas city moving companies. Let us now begin!

Eliminate Unnecessary Luggage

It’s hard to let go of something, especially when you grew up fond of it. It could be a picture frame, a cabinet, a flower vase, a ceiling fan, or whatever it is that you’ve learned to adore. But if you don’t need it, better to eliminate them from your home.

Moving items is not that easy and if there’s too much to handle, that costs more time, effort, and money. The lesser things you pack, the easier it is to haul across town, unload, sort, and start organizing in their new destination.

Ms. Ellen Delap, a certified professional organizer, suggests the importance of decluttering your home from unnecessary stuff as soon as you decide that you’ll be transferring.

Again, purging stuff you will not need on your new home can make it most efficient and easy to work out the entire moving process.

Don’t Just Sort, Do Categorize

Packing would be much easier if your stuff is not just organized but also categorized, right? Take note, however, that categorization applies to the organization process, not by room or by unpacking.

For example, instead of spending a day cleaning out your kitchen, spend an afternoon sorting through every plate, cups, and other utensils you need. Look through the cabinet, the jars, the kitchen closets, the refrigerator, and other hide-outs in the kitchen until you’ve gathered all the necessary utensils in one place. After that, start sorting.

Do the same thing for clothes, personal hygiene, shoes, books, essential documents, and the like.


As mentioned in the paragraphs, you can donate stuff that you no longer need. That not only helps make the whole process efficient and more manageable, it also offers a blessing to needy folks. Of course, there are proper ways when donating, and you could search online on how to do that. There’s a ton of helpful and practical resources out there.

If Not Donate, Sell

If you’ve got a lot of things you no longer need, you can donate. But if you want to earn extra cash to cater to your upcoming expenses, then you can always choose to sell. After all, there are venues or platforms for selling second-hand items and people love them because of the lower price and sometimes, better quality.

For example, if you have a big cabinet, you can sell it to Craigslist or AptDeco. If it’s a branded textile, you can check out Poshmark or any local consignment store. If you have specialty items like an Alligator-Skin bag, eBay would be just fine. And vice versa.

Do a Background Check on Quality Moving Companies

It does not matter if you have a Herculean power. You can’t carry all the stuff by yourself. So, you would need a moving company.

But before that, do your research. In just a few clicks, Google could give you an enormous list of households moving companies to hire. But don’t give in easily to the promotional nuggets you read. Again, a background check is imperative. Check out the reviews. Study the company’s past performance.

Some such as the kansas city moving companies build up their credibility from years of experience and innovation. Choose such kind of company.

Take note. A moving company can either make or break your entire moving process, so it's essential to choose right from the start.

Choose The Right Moving Day

Once you’ve decided on a reputable mover, contact it a month before the moving day so you can plan thoroughly. If you have a flexible schedule, try assessing possible moving dates, and choose the cheapest time of the month to set an appointment.

Also, do consider setting your moving day on weekdays since you can skip Saturday queues. Remember, moving companies are busiest during weekends. Weekdays can also help you avail of possible discounts.

Create The Best Mapping Strategy

Whether you’re moving to San Francisco, across the state, or to a neighboring town, you’ll need an efficient mapping strategy. In that way, you’ll get to your destination with ease and practicality. You’ll also save time from getting stuck on jam-packed traffic, roadblocks, road construction, or even mass rallies.

Determine the best possible route, which is not necessarily the main highway. Check out alternatives. Just make sure that there are no coding or temporary closures during your moving day.

Have a Master Moving To-Do List

When you move stuff from your old home, you’ll get dragged on hundreds of different things to wrestle with. Even though these may seem obvious, they can slip your mind once you start moving. You might have brought along your television, but you forgot to take the remote or the satellite cable.

That is why create a to-do list. You can write it on paper or a note app. If its on paper, print copies and paste it on strategic locations of your house so everybody can see and check for themselves.

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