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Moving To Austria: Things You Must Remember

Austria, the land of castles, is increased as an attraction for many people over the years. The country each year records thousands of travelers and visitors from every part of the globe including people who migrate from the U.S.A.


The Republic of Austria is one of the richest countries in Europe and is the only member of the EU that is not a member of NATO. The country shares borders with Germany, Liechtenstein, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary, and Slovenia. Vienna is the capital, there is a quarter of the population.


Finding a job for migrants in Austria won't be a problem either. The country has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the European Union, just behind Luxembourg. However, all of this comes at a price; Austrians work 45 hours per week on average.


Here’s a list of things you must remember if you are willing to move to Austria:


  1. Get Your Grip On German


To ensure that your move to Austria goes as smoothly as possible, take the time to plan and prepare your move beforehand. Finding a job, housing, or even choosing the neighborhood that suits you best and a school for your children are so many things that concern you. What about the move itself? It is recommended to improve your knowledge of German, as almost all government and administrative formalities are carried out in this language.


  1. Get You VISA Sorted


The next big problem that might become a hurdle in your route to Austria is getting a visa. The U.S. citizens can request a visa that grants them a permit to stay beyond the period of 90 days or to work in Austria by applying for such a visa before traveling to Austria at their nearest Austrian Embassy, or before their 90-day period expires. 


  • Remember, your work will not be given any consideration and authorization without any appropriate visa. 


  • The process of residence permit usually takes longer and may take up to six months to process, therefore it is advised that you apply for a residence permit almost eight months prior to your plans of moving to the new country. 

  • In case one overstays after the expiration of the visa, they can be fined, and even banned from re-entering the country including arrest and deportation. 

  • It will be a lot easier to get a visa with no criminal record in the past, and if you have any suspicious activity record, you must apply for the visa a year before you plan for moving.


  1. Registration in Austria

When staying in Austria, under Austrian registration law you are obliged to register your place of residence within three days with the competent authority.


  1. Health


Insurance Health insurance is compulsory insurance in Austria, ie each employee is automatically covered by health insurance. Family members of the insured are also covered by this insurance as co-insured.


  1. Pension Insurance


People who have acquired pension insurance time both in Austria and abroad must clarify their right to grant it with the insurance company. For a member state of the European Union, a country of the European Economic Area, Switzerland or a contracting state apply special 



  1. What To Do If You Want To Stay More Than 3 Months


For this, we must bear in mind that the requirements are various and the easiest thing would be to get a blank job in Austria in those first 3 months that we are here because with a job we would indirectly be meeting the basic requirements.


The general requirements are: 


  • Present an identity document 

  • Have an employment contract and if you have the Lonhzettel or paycheck better.

  • Present the E-Card (Health Service Card) 

  • The E-Card arrives in the mail within your first month of work. With this card, you can get yourself seen at the doctor in Austria.

  1. Find A Moving Company 


There are many international moving companies that can help for moving to Austria. The prices of their services can vary considerably depending on the goods to be transported and the value of fragile items. It is recommended that you obtain quotes from several companies before choosing one. It is also useful to check their insurance policies, as well as the recommended time and method of transport. Goods can be transported by land, sea, or air, and costs vary depending on the mode of transport and delivery time. The costs are often much higher if the delivery is urgent.


To find the best moving company, choose those with the most experience, with positive customer feedback, who are fully insured and accredited, and who are open and transparent about their prices and delivery methods. Start your research well in advance of your expected moving date so that you have enough time for disassembly and packaging.

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