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Moving with a moving company – the five best saving tips

Moving three times is like being burned down once” is an old saying, and it is absolutely true. Moving is not only a lot of work, it also costs a lot of money. But how much exactly? Five tips should help you save effectively.

Do it yourself or hire a moving company?

Moving free of charge rarely works: Apart from moving from parents to student dormitories, there are almost always costs. Even for a self-organized move, a van usually has to be rented, helpers paid or at least fed. In addition, there is the organizational effort, packing and transporting and the underwriting risk. Stress is inevitable here. For this reason, many people prefer to hire a moving company and thus save themselves the subsequent back pain, for example.

A moving company is more expensive than a self-organized move. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t save when you move.


What does a moving company cost?

The real cost of moving depends on many factors. There are no set prices. Each company is free to determine how much the move will cost on a case-by-case basis. This makes it difficult to compare the costs of different moving companies without asking for a quote directly. The determining factors are primarily the volume (i.e. the number of rooms and the amount of furniture) and the distance between the places of residence. But the number of floors, the elevator and any additional or personal services you choose also influence the price. A small move from a 1-room apartment to a local apartment of the same size can start in the upper three-digit range and increase according to the factors mentioned. Most moves are usually in the lower four-digit range.


The 5 best tips for saving when moving with a moving company

Pack the boxes yourself:

The scope of a move can be put together individually by any reputable moving company. If you want to save yourself the organization of moving and transport, you can save quite a bit of money if you pack your moving boxes yourself. The

moving company usually provides the moving boxes and then takes them back again – a great relief compared to moving on your own. If you spread the box packing over the days and weeks before the move, the stress and workload are kept within acceptable limits.


Assemble and dismantle furniture yourself:

A good tip for experienced do-it-yourselfers: Those who assemble and disassemble all or part of their furniture themselves also save. Most moving companies are happy to offer individual solutions here too. For example, customers can assemble and dismantle shelves, beds and smaller pieces of furniture themselves. The moving company then takes care of more complicated assemblies and

dismantling, such as the kitchenette.


The right time:

Since most people work during the week, the majority of all removals take place on the weekend. This significantly limits the time available for the moving company. They also have to pay their employees additional bonuses, such as Sunday bonuses. If you are in a hurry to move and need a moving company at short notice, you usually have little choice. The moving companies know that and that’s why they add a few euros. Significant price discounts are possible for customers when a company moves well in advance. Tip: If you move on a weekday, you save even more.


Compare and act:

As mentioned earlier, every moving company has its own pricing policy. This has a decisive advantage: it pays to compare and act. This can usually save a few hundred euros. There are regional or nationwide comparison sites on the Internet for this purpose , with which customers can obtain a transparent overview.


Deduct moving costs from tax:

It is often not known that moving costs can be fully or partially tax-deductible. The amount that can be taken into account depends on whether it is a move for private or professional reasons. Professional reasons include, for example, changing jobs or shortening the commute by at least half an hour each way. In this case, moving costs can be deducted as so-called “advertising costs.”


Moving with a moving company pays off


Hiring a moving company is particularly worthwhile for large households, people with little time and anyone who wants to move as stress-free as possible. The costs are subject to strong fluctuations depending on the company, but are usually in the lower four-digit range. Nevertheless, the companies are very flexible in their prices, so that a lot of money can be saved by following a few simple tips. Using a moving company doesn’t have to be expensive. With these five saving tips, costs can easily be halved through timely planning, personal contribution and flexibility. Stress is spared, nerves and your wallet are spared.


Daniel Zayas
Daniel Zayas
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