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MS Office OneDrive Lets You Choose Folders To Sync To Your Computer

To Install Office setup is the initial task every user does on a new computer. The need for Office productivity suite has become a mandatory part of a computer as well as professional life. Moreover, Microsoft Office applications are preferred for educational use.

Among a bunch of useful applications, OneDrive is that is highly used by professionals to exchange emails on a safer platform. Other than email services, Microsoft Office OneDrive puts forward other benefits as well that you may not get on other servers. Yet, to leverage all its features, it is necessary to have an activate Office.com/Setup installed on your computer.

In order to get a valid Office setup product key to install Office setup on your computer, you must have the access your account on www.Office.com/setup. Users who already have access to their Office and OneDrive account are entitled to choose to synchronize the folder to their computer as per the need. If you want to synchronize selective folders in OneDrive to your chttp://www.office.com/setupomputer, you can specify and mark those folders you would like to sync by the following process.

How do I Choose a OneDrive folder(s) to synchronize to my PC?

  • Go to Office.com/myaccount  and login to your account
  • If you are not getting directed to your profile, and a product key field is appearing instead, enter your Office setup product key in the field and complete the steps to activate Office setup and proceed
  • Click on either of the OneDrive cloud icons – blue or white from the Windows taskbar notification segment
  • Go to the activity center and choose More
  • Now go to Settings
  • Click on the Account tab and select ‘Choose folders’
  • Synchronize your OneDrive files to the displayed PC dialog box
  • Unmark any folders you do not want to sync to your computer and mark those you want to sync
  • Click OK to save all the changes

You have made the steps successfully and in case you came across any error, make sure you have a valid Office setup product key and an active account. In case not, install Office setup with a licensed version to make the changes.

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