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Mumbai To Shirdi – A wonderful Trip To Sai Baba

Located in the Ahmednagar locale of Maharashtra, the community named Shirdi is an indication of straightforwardness, congruity, and otherworldliness. Shirdi and Sai Baba go connected at the hip. Each event, celebration or occasion occurring here is rotated around Sai Baba. This is where Baba lived and consumed the vast majority of his time on earth in serving mankind lastly abandoned his final gasp here. His honorable endeavors brought the Hindu and Muslim people group together and guaranteed that they could live incongruity even today! Shirdi has an unrivaled reverential air that has made individuals stroll from Mumbai to Shirdi for ages. The custom is alive even today. This conviction among individuals moves a lot of aficionados to visit Baba's sanctuary to look for his gifts. 

Best Time to Visit Shirdi 

Shirdi becomes animated during three principle celebrations - Ramanavami, Guru Purnima, and Vijayadashami. The appeal and atmosphere of the fans and the place of worship's enhancement is unquestionably worth seeing during these occasions. On the off chance that you need to appreciate touring too, at that point winter is the best time. Storms make the earth merrier, lighter and more brilliant. The temperature around evening time, as a rule, tumbles down, making it charming and comfortable everywhere! Summers are the best on the off chance that you need to stay away from long darshan lines and have your time at the sanctuary with harmony! Thursdays are loaded up with Sai Baba devotees. 

Things You Need To Know 

Be careful with pickpockets. Cell phones and cameras are not permitted in the sanctuary premises. Alert your psyche, since you will discover numerous individuals who will guarantee cash expressing that they are relatives of Sai Baba. 

How to Get to Shirdi? 

By Road: The total good ways from Mumbai to Shirdi is around 240 km through Route 1, 270 km through Route 2 and 298 km through Route 3. You can go to Shirdi by Cabs2go who provide taxi services in Mumbai at reasonable rate  Mumbai to Shirdi taxi.

Mumbai to Shirdi Short Stops 

Thane Pack your sacks. Leave with a vacant stomach. Start early. Around 25 km from Mumbai, gorge on some acclaimed fiery missal pav at Mamledar Misal at Thane. This commonplace Maharashtrian food merits savoring. Famously known as City of Lakes among its inhabitants, Thane brags of having around 33 lakes inside the city. Try not to miss a visit to the Upvan Lake to observe nature's wonder! PC: Uday Kumar PR Shahapur remains around 53 km from Thane. Manas Mandir is a brilliant Jain sanctuary that will leave you enchanted. It is the most visited Jain sanctuary here.


Around 50 km from Shahapur, lies the quiet and undisturbed goal of Igatpuri. On the off chance that you have enough time close by and are an undertaking addict, at that point don't avoid the Kalsubai trek. For those of you who come looking for relieving air, a visit to the Dhamma Giri Meditation Center (Vipassana Center) will quiet your psyche and soul! Lunch in Igatpuri will give you a kind of regular Maharashtrian delicacy.

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