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Must Haves When Working from Home

Working from home (WFH) is becoming an increasing normality for almost 50% of the UK population. Moving the office into the home comes with a myriad of benefits and drawbacks. Whilst a short commute down the stairs at the end of the day saves time and money, the physical proximity of the home office can mean that the working day is extended and more hours are spent sitting at the desk. Whilst working at home it is important to establish a set routine and healthy working habits. It is also important to ensure that the home office is both comfortable and functional. Here we take a look at the two most important components of the home office: the desk and chair, and consider how their attributes contribute to a safe, productive and healthy home working environment.

The Chair

Key to comfortable working is high quality office chairs. There are several things to consider when selecting a chair for a home office. It is important to consider the amount of time that will be spent sitting in the chair as this will help to determine how much support is required. Office chairs with arms and high backs tend to offer maximum support, although those with lower backs and a sculpted design can offer support to targeted areas of the back. Adjustability is a key factor when it comes to selecting an office chair. Being able to tilt, lower and swivel the chair into a comfortable position is important in order to avoid backache after a day spent sitting at a laptop, desk or PC. The flooring beneath the chair should also be a factor under consideration when selecting a chair for the home office as there is a need to consider portability and safety as well as the potential damage that could occur to home flooring.

The Desk

It might sound like the most basic of considerations, but a sturdy and ergonomically designed desk is vital to successful and safe home working. Balancing a laptop on knees may be suitable for sending the odd email, but when typing for what amounts to several hours across the day, it is best to establish a solid work area. Although space may be at a premium in the home, it is advisable to select the biggest desk that can be accommodated as this will mean that there is plenty of workspace available and the desk can be used for both work and storage of work equipment. Those working with plans or large format documents in particular should consider the length of the desk as well as the depth. Build quality and sturdiness are also key factors when selecting a desk. There is nothing worse than the constant shaking and moving of a desk when typing. Equally, the ergonomic design of the desk should be taken into account. The shape of the desk’s top and the positioning of the legs can have a profound effect on comfort, and therefore productivity. Think carefully before selecting a desk and take into consideration the nature of daily work and the length of time that will be spent at the desk. Of course, there are also aesthetics to consider as the workspace needs to be an unobtrusive addition to the existing household furniture

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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