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My Journey From Fat to Fit

fat to fit journey

I always blamed my luck for being obese. From childhood, I was overweight and chubby. However, it didn’t impact me back then since I was called cute by everyone around me. Thus, it was more of flattery at that point in time.

With the passing time, the fat continued to get accumulated and the ultimate result was obesity and various health-related risks associated with it. Gradually, I lost confidence and my self-esteem was at rock bottom. I became hesitant when meeting people, consequently, I developed anxiety and became antisocial. Even when I had to attend an event, I was confined to a silent corner, away from everyone’s eyes so that no one could notice and talk to me, which practically wasn’t possible because of my hugely noticeable physique.

The biggest mistake I was making during this phase, apart from stress eating and sulking in my room, was to not do anything about my condition. If I look back now at that time, I wonder what would have been the result if I had tried to improve my condition rather than sitting silently in my room sulking over my health condition.

It wasn’t until 2018 when I decided to take the matters in my own hand. I will be honest as I had joined fitness programs various times in previous years as well. However, I didn’t stick to them. The maximum I continued such a program was for one year. I will blame my laziness of this but this time around, I was completely motivated and committed. I had made my mind not to stop working out till I had gotten a flaunt worthy physique.

In January 2018, I came across a sponsored post on my Instagram feed of a fitness program where they showed many people with a physique like me and highlighted their journey of becoming fit and slim. This inspired me to get in better shape. If they can do it, so can I; this is what I thought when I saw that advert. The very next day, I was at the gym talking to fitness trainer about getting a fitness program formed for me. 

A piece of advice I would like to give people like me here is to ask everything beforehand. Any query you have in mind, do not hesitate in asking your fitness trainer during your initial meeting. This will help you to be absolutely clear while setting your fitness goals. Many people make this mistake of setting unrealistic goals that are practically unachievable. Thus, they get disappointed with the results and end up quitting their fitness regime. 

I did not make this mistake and under the supervision of my fitness trainer, I set a short-term goal for me. It will be an understatement when I say it was hard for me; it was extremely hard. I had to alter my whole routine. Right from waking up early in the morning and jogging in the park to controlling my eating habits, my while lifestyle had to be changed. There was no room for midnight cravings for snacks and ice creams in this fitness program.

To get the desired results in a quick and effective way, I took the help of fat burners. It was actually the suggestion of my fitness trainer. He advised me to get them from TeamRoids, an EU based company, that sells nothing but real steroids, fat burners, weight loss pills, and other such products. I explored their website and ordered my desired products at extremely reasonable rates. I was actually hesitant at first since I was of the view that getting top quality fat burners online isn’t an easy task. However, TeamRoids proved me wrong and how. They only sell real and genuine products. Thus, if quality is your priority, there is no other website than TeamRoids for you to visit and explore.

Coming back to my fitness journey, it took a lot of time to show results, but I didn’t lose hope. Meanwhile, during my training program, I noticed that my skin was sagging and I had to try some home remedies for skin tightening,The support of my family kept me going and now I finally have a physique that I can flaunt with confidence. I no long dread summers rather now I eagerly wait for it since my summer body is ready. 

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