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Myth About Cardboard Pallets- Are They Strong Enough?

Cardboard Pallets

There was a time when wooden pallets were all we had for transportation. But with time, cardboard pallets came in to use widely. They became the most used export pallets in Sydney. With their use, a lot of myths came into existence. And one question that always haunted the users was about their strength. Here’s a little idea about how strong these cardboard pallets are-

Strength Of Cardboard Pallets

These are a strong alternative to the wooden pallets for many reasons. They are light and recyclable. They can be customized in many ways as well to suit the individual needs of the businesses. A single piece of cardboard can’t be compared to the wooden piece. But good engineering makes the given quantity of cardboards perform a certain function. With cardboard, the engineers created resilient pallets of various shapes and sizes. And these pallets were able to carry whatever you wanted them to carry.

The 15 lbs export pallets in Sydney and around the world can carry approximately 4536 kgs as compared to wooden pallets who can carry approximately 2087 kgs. Now that means a15 lbs of cardboard can carry 2 rhinos, 10 grand pianos and 303 bushels of dried peanuts.

So, how can cardboard pallets hold so much weight?

The cardboard pallets are made of two or three layers of thick paper. They are grooved and ridged alternatively for creating rigid and strong material export pallets in Sydney. Just like woods, these papers are stronger along one axis as compared to another. Engineers use this for saving materials and weight. They do that by making different parts support each other.

So, it can be safely deduced that the strength of thesepallet lies in its design. Their runners run lengthwise across the pallet. The cardboard pallets have specialized cylindrical cores. These cores are housed in each runner and they support weight across the pallet.

These pallets are custom designed and are great for the unequal distribution of weight, are forklift friendly. These can be made with or without the bottom sheet. But this bottom sheet is great for conveyor and other applications as well. But removing the bottom sheet can save you a lot of money. Without the bottom sheet, the pallets can be nested for the shipment. This will allow almost twice the truckload. And so, they make the most used export pallets in Sydney.

Rounding up Cardboard pallets are becoming increasingly popular and are used widely. With it, you will get to see more engineer marvels related to the pallets. These can hold up to 3,500 kilos in static and 1,500 kilos in dynamic and that too with 70% lesser weight. Its weight allows you to save a lot on your logistics. Also, it doesn’t have any dangerous parts like metal elements or chips. Also, they don’t need HT treatment; hence there are no limitations on its use in international exports. With these qualities, they are becoming more in demand with passing time for transportation and export uses.

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