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Natural DIY Techniques for Removing a Tattoo


The tattoo art is the most trending fashion among the youngsters of this era. Every trend has a limitation when the area of the body is concerned. The tattoo can be carved anywhere on the body. The process of tattooing is a bit harsh, and the pain in tattooing is considerable. However, people are very fond of such decorations on the body.

Tattoo professionals usually carve tattoos. Still, there are those local tattoo people who tend to do a tattoo at cheap rates. You feel fantastic when paying low for a tattoo that is worth more, but this may lead to consequences. There are chances where lack of professionalism spoils the intended decoration, and you end up in dissatisfaction. In the past, it was next to impossible to overcome this dissatisfaction since the technology was not involved in the tattoo removal procedures. Now, there are many processes in place for removing tattoos from the surface of the screen. The methods to remove tattoos are a bit expensive since it involves consulting a doctor, or a dermatologist and sometimes even a surgeon.

Removing a Tattoo-BMH

We have listed specific natural methods that can help you remove your permanent tattoo from the surface of your screen at the nominal charges.

1. Aloe Vera and Chinese Fever Vine

Aloe Vera is considered as extremely beneficial in many ways. On the other hand, the Chinese Fever Vine is a plant that contains Sulphur compounds, including dimethyl disulfide in a large amount. These compounds are found in the leaves of this plant. Mix the leaves of Chinese Fever Vine, the paste of Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E. This mixture is very beneficial in removing the tattoo from the surface of your skin.

This mixture is suitable for the tattoo that are recently carved on the surface of your screen. This helps the tattoo ink to dissolve since immunity power is always in sync to remove the foreign particles.

2. Salt and Water

We all know that the salt is composed of sodium and chlorine. Moreover, salt is also an abrasive substance. Hence, it helps to get rid of the tattoos if it is used appropriately on the tattoos. Simply add some lukewarm water in the salt and dip a sponge. Rub the sponge for 45 minutes on the surface of the skin where the tattoo is carved. Repeat this twice a day. Do not forget to cleanse the rubbed area with normal lukewarm water after each time you finish rubbing.

Through this method, the tattoo ink breaks into more minute particles, and it slowly fades away. The fading is due to the immunity system in the human body since it continuously strives to remove the foreign particles from the body.

3.Cashew Nut

The sap of the cashew nut seed is also a lightening agent for the skin. The fluid from these seeds must be applied to the surface of the skin. Let the sap dry and keep it for a few hours. Remove and layer wash the area with lukewarm water. Next, repeat it again twice or thrice per day. If you maintain consistency for a few months, it will definitely lighten the tattoo ink and eventually disappear without any pain.


Lemon extracts are beneficial, and it works well to alleviate the tattoos. The lemon extracts contain concentrated bleaching agents since it is acidic in nature. The natural ingredients in the lemon extracts can be used to wipe off the tattoo ink. Besides lightening the ink, the application of the lemon extracts is also useful for the recreation of the skin cells in place of dead skin cells. It acts as a healthy agent to the skin, and it also smoothens the surface of the skin. Above all, it is entirely safe to apply lemon extracts on the human skin. It means there are no side effects of using lemon extracts on the surface of the skin. On the contrary, the lemons can do magic on the scars, and we all know that the tattoo is also one of the manmade scars on the human body.

Applying lemon extracts is the best method since it does not require any extensive investments in laser treatments, surgeries, or e-raze treatments. The same can be achieved from any fruit that is rich in vitamin C. The natural fruits and lemons are very economical when compared with the ones with the involvement of technology.

To use the lemon extracts, simply squeeze the lemon in a bowl and eliminate the seeds. Dip a cotton fur and start rubbing the part of the body where the tattoo is carved. Follow this procedure as many times as you like, but it should be done at least twice a day. As time passes, after a few days, you will notice that your tattoo is getting lighter, and one day, it will eventually disappear.

5.Aloe Vera with Grinding Stones and Sand Powder

Mix the Aloe Vera gel with grinding stones and sand powder for magic. Rubbing the solution on the surface of the skin where the tattoo is carved can remove the skin cells attached to the ink particles of the tattoo. There are only two things you need to take care of: one is that the paste should be blended properly, and two, you do not have to rub the paste harshly on the tattoo. You will have to apply it gently.


The natural tattoo removal techniques are very efficient in every way, and -these methods are time saving and affordable. No one would want to spend hundreds of dollars on the pain and scars caused by removing the tattoos from the surface of the skin.

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