Anxiety, insecurity, a voice scratching the terror within, giving a thrill across our backbone. It is a sorrow, a distress, the want to live and the fear to be behind. It is the darkness to ones light and the black to a white. A treatment to this can be a silver lining to a black cloud, a live saver, a glitter, a spark. Crazy kratom is a tree whose leaves can be used as a treatment for anxiety but it has been banned across various nations to ensure safety and to derive the best out of this advantageous herb. Recently, it has been used for a lot of purposes including the treatment of depression and anxiety.


According to the latest studies it has been enunciated by various scientists that kratom constitutes of a chemical named mitragyine. It is an indole based alkaloid and is found up to 0.5 to1.5% in the dried leaves of natural herb kratom. According to the recent discoveries and illustrations we get to know about the benefits of mitragyine in treating a health devastating problem namely anxiety.


Lately, not much research has been conducted on kratom and its effects and side effects but various surveys have been conducted to acknowledge the use of best kratom for anxiety and depression. Various reviews illustrated the bright use of kratom as a treatment. It has been observed amongst many that kratom has been of great use in lowering the anxiety symptoms and played a subsequent in important role in the betterment of one’s mood. It has been proved to be successful in the treatment of anxiety by showing effective betterment. The betterment this herb shows is enlisted as follows;

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·       Sedation; reduced irritability that is usually observed after the intake of certain drugs before medical procedures

·       Pleasure; the betterment observed in mood, patient seems to be happy and more contended with greater relief and satisfaction.

·       Low perception of pain; this is because it kratom lowers the stimulation of sensory neurons.


The after effects have a major constituent of dependency on the dose that taken by the patient

·       If the dose taken in is low then the patient might be effected upto a lesser extent with high energy and content.

·       If the dose is taken up to a mild extent then the patient will experience an intense feeling of pleasure and well being often termed as euphoria.

·       If a very high dose is taken then the patient will experience sedation, difficulty in breathing, seizures, brain swelling, liver damage and in some cases death.


Some devastating side effects may include

·       Nausea

·       Dry mouth

·       Tongue numbness: that is the inability to feel substances in our mouth

·       Constipation

·       Frequent urination

·       Paranormal delusions

·       Hallucinations

·       Aggression

Anxiety has been one of the major problems of the youth in the twenty-first century. Out of ten, six people are depressed and there aren’t any particulars for treating anxiety completely but there are therapies or therapeutic substance which helps to overcome anxiety for short terms or sometimes for longer periods.

The substances which can help to overcome anxiety at the spot are more likely to be used and kratom is one of such substances. After a long and deep research on the therapeutic effects of kratom, it has been found that kratom has mitragynine which is an alkaloid, it acts on the brain and changes the stressed mood to a pleasant one.

It is regularly used by brewing it in tea, especially in South Asia. People drink it recreationally or culturally. It is also used as a minor energy booster as coffee is used in the West.

When kratom is used in a large dose, it can relieve pain and the person may get addicted after using it for several times. So, its better and safe to use it in small quantities which can help in altering bad or stressed moods.

It has been suggested by psychologists that keeping a pleasant mood can treat anxiety as the only way to overcome it is by refuting the negative thoughts with positivity. So, you may brew these natural herbs in your tea and treat your bad days and bad moods in a few sips.

Although it is not approved by the U.S food association but a little more research in this regard might help its approval. It would be helping many people around with awareness of its positive abilities.

We hope that this article has helped you with the information that you needed to know.