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Natural Stones Suppliers UAE

Welcome to the official home page of SIOM MARBLE With expertise within the United Arab Emirates and GCC industry since 1992 and established beneath it's current official name in 1998, SIOM MARBLE. provides noted world category marble, granite, limestone, etc, in cut-to-size or commonplace sizes.

Natural Stones Suppliers UAE

We pride ourselves in guaranteeing that everyone our customers are glad by being timely, applying strict QC via our older quality inspectors yet as solely operating with noted reliable suppliers UN agency own their quarries with state of the art machinery. Our suppliers are set worldwide: Italy, Portugal, France, Spain, Brazil, China, India, Pakistan, Greece, Tunisia, Germany, Croatia, FYR of Macedonia, Turkey, etc.

marble company in sharjah
marble company in Sharjah

Over the years, we've got completed dozens of major comes across the Gulf Region, amongst others, the far-famed Al Faisaliah Tower in Riyadh (KSA), the ruler same Bin Taimur place of worship in Muscat (Oman), Movenpick edifice in Sana'a (Yemen), the Al own University (UAE), the State Security Headquarters in United Arab Emirates's capital (UAE), the Sama Tower edifice on the urban center Shaikh Zayed Road (UAE), Al Bustan Mixed Development in United Arab Emirates's capital (UAE), The BMW / Rolls Royce panopticon in United Arab Emirates's capital (UAE), the Al Mansour Jewelers chain and numerous alternative showrooms in massive malls across urban center like the Mall of The Emirates, Burj Juman, and Wafi.

The Al king ah Tower project culminated in the United States of America being appointed and winning the distinguished Arch of Europe 2002 Quality Award because of the UAE representative yet as being worthy by the distinguished King Faisal Foundation Award within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As lately 2014, we've got completed work on thirteen parcels (buildings) at the forty-four building King Abdullah monetary District Project in Riyadh (KSA) wherever in eighteen months we tend to provide over sixty-seven,000m2 of fourteen totally different|completely different} marbles & limestones from eight different countries.

Travertine Supplier UAE

My customers typically question me what area unit the factors that have an effect on the value of marble. i will be able to offer a touch bit concerning value theory then get right with the factors that have an effect on marble evaluation.

A present mineral is that we tend to all understand is gold. Like marble, it's extracted from the planet. If you'd prefer to apprehend its current value all you'd do is look it informed on AN exchange just like the city Commodities Exchange.

When going into a place of business to shop for gold for your personal use you'd have a thought of what it ought to be priced at if you had researched previously. Commodities like Gold, Iron Ore, etc that trade on AN exchange area unit transparently priced.

Marble may be a natural occurring artifact and is extracted from the planet in a very somewhat similar manner to Gold. but every quarry of Marble could also be slightly completely different in chemical composition and its look could vary significantly from one supply to a different. in reality, there area unit in all probability overrun one thousand completely different varieties of marble. Since marble is some things that are wont to enhance the looks of a house, hotel, workplace etc the manner it basically affects the manner its priced. there's no value transparency. Stone/Marble professionals develop expertise over time and might guide you concerning evaluation. but I like to recommend you are doing your own analysis before visiting a stone skilled.

Let's do a sensible exercise on marble value discovery. a fast search on the online of the noted Spanish marble Red Alicante (shown below an image of polished slabs)

will provide you with a variety of costs on the web can provide you with a variety of costs from USD ten a square measure to USD one thousand a square measure.

Keeping in mind the overall factors that have an effect on the value of marble are:

Consistency – One color shade across a Slab(both pictures area unit from Marble Slabs)

DesertRoseHPthumb DesertBeigeHPthumb DesertOasisHPthumb

Quality of finish/polish

This block of Red Alicante Marble has multi shades and may not command a premium. The redness is that the most engaging a part of the marble and had this been maintained throughout the block it might be thought-about premium grade. i might counsel wanting around 2-3 stone dealers in Sharjah, UAE, and comparison their value relative to the on top of pointers.

Please see a picture of a beige marble from Oman(Desert Beige Marble)

The color of this Omani Beige block is homogenized and it's pleasant to seem at. These slabs area unit thought-about premium material aside from a “watermark” on the highest mitt aspect. but marble may be a present material a little flaw like this-this is often ordinarily unnoticed.

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