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Natural Treatment for Mentally Stressed People

Some people get provoked at the drop of a hat, ready for a confrontation. Some folks always get annoyed or bothered by one thing or another. No matter what you do, you cannot please them. Some people are easily startled, still in fear or dread of what could be, having zero attributes of a leader.

Stress is the cause of many illnesses. Anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults or 18.1% of the population aged 18 or older. Individuals afflicted with stress or anxiety disorders can face serious repercussions and consequences, just getting through day-to-day life. Here are some ways to naturally reduce stress. But remember that a doctor can only prescribe the best treatment.

Reducing Sugar Intake

Some people reach for sugar as a way of coping with the stress mechanism. Other people have just a little too much sugar, and then start feeling guilty or get a “sugar-high” as they say. In both cases, excessive sugar is not a good thing for your brain and anxiety levels.

Sugar temporarily suppresses anxiety, but it has long-term adverse effects on the brain. The sugar becomes the source or induction of new illnesses into the brain. In other words, after having a few desserts, your body may feel everything is alright. Physically, it is not okay. Excessive sugar can cause several diseases, including Alzheimer’s or memory loss.

Reducing Caffeine & Alcohol Intake

Caffeine is a stimulant. It increases your vigilance, attention or alertness in any situation. Caffeine makes your body feel the same way is does during a “fight or flight” response. Having caffeine in a stressful situation is like adding fuel to the fire.

Alcohol is a sedative for people who are stressed – people who are in the apprehension of a confrontation drink to help them overlook what will happen. Drinking opens up a whole new set of problems. Drinking numbs the mind, and most people make the worst decisions under the influence. Alcohol is simultaneously, physically, and psychologically bad for the body and stress levels. Avoid alcohol consumption to reduce stress.

Eating Less Processed Foods

Everyone has a different way of dealing with stressful situations. Some people stand and deliver, but most people look for ways to hide their apprehension. If not hide their anxiety, they look for a way to loosen the grip of the stress on their mind.

Junk food gives you that quick mental satisfaction, which calms you down in the short term. In the long run, it can cause obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and cause you to be hungrier. Since you are not eating to satisfy bodily functions, you are eating to satisfy your mood. The more you eat, the more your mood will change or crave more. Turn to natural fruits, vegetables and gluten-free flour to reduce stress. Here is a list of the best and worst foods for anxiety.

The Effects of Chamomile Tea

Losing sleep is one of the first symptoms of a highly stressed individual. Genetics plays an essential role in the overall health of our body. Different bodies have a different way of coping with excessively stressful situations. One of the most common markers of a stressful individual is the inability to sleep.

Chamomile comes from the Asteraceae plant species. There are chamomile lotions for massages. But its most common form of usage is tea. Chamomile tea contains an ingredient called apigenin, which has a relaxing effect on the brain. The active ingredient helps calm the nerves and induce sleep. The best part is, there are no unwanted side-effects.

Brisk Walking

The modern man lives between machines and gadgets and encounters stressful situations daily. The average worker spends more time sitting than in any other position. Doctors warn that prolonged sitting has damaging effects and health risks associated with sitting for prolonged periods.

Walking has a naturally therapeutic effect on the body, both physically and psychologically. If you are walking alone, breathe in with every step you lift. Think of every day as a new opportunity. With every step, you put down, breathe out. Think of leaving your worries behind. Observing natural scenery on your way helps the mind relax.

Maintaining a Diary

Some of us have experienced events which have left a profound impact on our personality and changed us physically. People who have endured any head injury are more likely to deal with stress and traumas differently. Maintaining a journal or diary is one of the best ways to establish trust in your actions and decisions.

Find a daily diary or notebook which captivates your interest. Dedicate a specific time to write in your journal when you are all by yourself. At the allocated time, write down your unfettered thoughts as they come to you. Do not think that anybody is judging you. Nobody is going to see your diary. Your diary will become the inception of long-term comfort.

Observing Natural Scenery

Research has proven the effect of functioning for long periods in an environment other than nature has a tiring or stressing effect on the brain. The mind tends to get fatigued or fogged up working indoors. So much so, that our mind starts to double-check even the most straightforward calculations or decisions.

Nature is as complicated as it is comforting. It is the reason why so many different types of biometric authentication exist. Observing nature has a therapeutic effect on the mind. Looking at springs, rivers, beaches, waterfalls, and other natural water sources help soothe the soul. Listening to the sound of chirping birds helps reduce stress.

Socializing with Friends

People who are always working and have no time to socialize build up a stress deposit. No matter what they do, it will take time to relieve all that accumulated stress. Watching a movie or listening to music alone is not going to cut it. There are just so many things that you cannot address all by yourself.

These times call for going to the amusement park or the beach with a couple of close friends. You can share all your experiences with your friends and have a good time together. Friends can help you with suggestions which can be productive solutions to our stressful situations.

Massage Therapy

The modern lifestyle leaves little room for relaxation. Adults are either working nine to five or longer hours. After coming home, they have other obligations lined up for them waiting to be completed. A majority of individuals hardly find any free time or time for themselves. Being inordinately busy all the time leaves for some taut muscles.

Massage therapy is one of the best ways to release all that pent up frustration in your muscles. As your muscles relax, your mind also calms down. There are some different massages you can try. After the massage, you will feel reduced muscle tension and stress hormones with enhanced blood circulation.


Aromatherapy is defined as “a type of therapy that aims to improve psychological and physical health by using aromatic oils extracted from herbs, flowers, fruits, and trees,” according to the Psychology Dictionary. A successful form of aromatherapy uses these herbal extracts, and they are inhaled to stimulate the olfactory senses.

Once inhaled, these herbs have a significant impact on our emotions, breathing, heart rate, stress, and hormonal balance. If administered correctly, these herbs can even have a positive effect on our memory. In some cases, these herbs are also administered in a massage to have a substantial impact.

Author Bio:    Amanda Jerelyn works in Health & Wellness department helping as a consultant at King Essay for nursing dissertation topics. She specializes in corporate stress-related issues and helps organizations achieve the appropriate ambience in their office locations.

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