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NEC Corporation Joins The Valuable 500 Initiative

Global Leader in SME phone systems takes another step to promote disability inclusion in business.  

NEC Corporation, known for its SME phone systems and other IT integration and technology services, recently joined The Valuable 500, a global initiative to promote disability inclusion in business.

The initiative was launched at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos with the simple philosophy that inclusive businesses build inclusive societies. Since then, the initiative has been promoting workplace inclusion for people with disabilities. The Valuable 500 works by encouraging businesses to adapt in a way those employees with disabilities can realize their true potential in the work place.

NEC Corporation joining The Valuable 500 is a natural fit because the company has been working towards promoting disability inclusion at work places for around four decades. The company has earned its stripes on the back of high quality SME Phone Systems and other solutions it offers clients. At the same time, it has remained a social innovator that does its best to offer solutions to social causes as well.

In fact, NEC Corporation signed the United Nations Global Compact in 2005 to further stress on its commitment. Since then its actions have considered the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact regarding human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. Its goal has been to create a corporate culture that values individual diversity, and build sustainably and socially literate human resources.

In 2018, NEC Group Diversity Promotion Committee was formed as a platform for discussion around inclusive corporate environment and as means for employees with disabilities to display their abilities to the fullest. Security, safety, fairness, and efficiency remain the basic tenets of the activities it promotes to ensure that people with disabilities get the support they need. Moreover, NEC Corporation has been actively involved in promoting para-sports.

Using these services is cheaper for the employer and the candidate. The company spends little money looking for an employee as the agency finds a match for them. Similarly, the employee gets the job online or via a phone call, and they don’t have to use lots of resources contacting the potential employers. Also, commuting from place to place looking for a job is quite costly as compared to using the agency.

The agencies have a variety of job vacancies, and this guarantees most candidates employment. The agencies recruit secretarial, administrative and the office support personnel. This makes it easier for personal assistant and secretaries to know where to send their CVs to. Companies looking for such employees will also find it easy to know who to work with.

The agency helps in putting the companies name out to the public. This will make the company name known through the intel of the agency, and this will further help them get the best-skilled personnel. When a company advertises for itself, it is likely to get applicants who have zero skills in the field.

Its two decades of experience in supporting wheelchair tennis has been leveraged to help solve environmental issues around para-sports. NEC Corporation has initiatives in place to ensure that this commitment is bolstered in the future. Becoming a part of The Valuable 500 is another step for the company, which has made inclusion and diversity integral to its corporate agenda.

About NEC Corporation

NEC Corporation known for its services that include integration of IT and network technologies has for four decades strived to create an environment where its employees with disabilities can showcase their abilities.  Website: https://www.nec-enterprise.com

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