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Need an off-road driving tip?

Most car lovers, especially ones owning SUVs, will love doing some off-road driving. Though they pick the best cars that suit off-road, getting stuck in concise snow can happen during winters! While there are newer tyre options to protect oneself from this, 4wd tyres perform remarkably well. Not just snow, these tyres offer better stability on steep hills, rocks and any terrain with lower traction. Most people are going with 2wd tyres and end up failing to drive to their favourite spots. But picking a 4-wheel drive tyre, on and off-road, is just easy breezy!

Remember that last time getting stuck in wet mud and ended up dirtying the car that only spun and spun? Four-wheel-drive tyres are not merely for driving off-road but also helps anyone ending up on a poor road. Clearing up snow from the road can take some time during severe winters. Is staying stuck at home the only option? With four-wheel drive tyres, it's not! Driving with such tyres increases grip and keeps away from accidents in inaccessible areas. Currently, there are several advancements with these tyres that offer better benefits! 

First, What is a 4wd tyre?

With four-wheel drive tyres, driving off-road and rough terrains is super easy because an engine transfers power to the wheels, making it an efficient torque. On 2wd tyres, the torque reaches only two wheels. But, on four-wheel-drive tyres, it can relinquish all four! It offers superior traction and grip, eventually making driving smoother, anywhere. 

Interestingly, these tyres come with several options that can suit different driving styles. Often, first-time buyers are left in confusion while making a choice. 


Making a four-wheel-drive tyre choice

Here are some frequently available types. Know what to buy!

1.All Terrain type

One can go with All-terrain tyres if they are not usual off-road drivers. These tyres can do well on both on and off-road. But designed for limited off-road driving, such tyres are unquestionably sturdy. For vehicles that run on both road types, AT tyres are best suitable.

2.Mud Terrain type

Designed off-road driving, these tyres offer excellent resistance to getting stuck in the mud on any rough terrain. It's simply the best choice for driving on hilly and steep hills. However, it doesn't suit much for on-road driving because it generates noise when driven on motorways. So, for anyone who wants their vehicle to run on-road also, AT will be a better option to pick.

3.Highway Terrain type

For anyone just looking out for tyres to easily pull off from a wetland or snow that got dumped around the corner, HT is just perfect! These tyres give a better on-road performance but can supply some extra traction during necessary conditions. It doesn't suit off-road drivers because it's not as effective as the other off-road options. UnlikeAts, these tyres are marvellous for smooth and noise-free motorway driving.

Benefits of four-wheel-drive tyres

Know why 4wd tyres can be a better option,

1.Surety for safety

Having extra traction and grip, one can quickly reverse from getting stuck on any low-traction areas. It's just perfect for that uninterrupted off-road experience with friends on a fine weekend!

2.A comforting option

Getting stuck on a wetland and trying to move out with a 2wd tyre can be notably exhausting. In worst cases, one may lend help from strangers, which can be intimidating!

3.Save some money

Sometimes, the car might get exceedingly stuck, that only a tow can help. The aftermath is even worse and some cents fly off to recoup with it. But that's not happening with four-wheel drive tyres. 

For a happy, safe and unending off-road experience, do not hesitate to opt for these tyres. Regretting will not help!






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