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Need Electrical Components? Reach Out To Addy-Addy.Com


Industrial Sectors have an evergreen requirement of classical electrical components which are necessary for the mechanical functioning of the machine. A machine comprises of numerous minute and major components, which have specific purposes, and that is why it is crucial not to neglect such units.

Electrical systems, in particular, are immaculately manufacturer so as to avoid any deviation in giving the desired end result of the electrical system for which it is designed.

These electrical components which are significant for any industry, which governs it's working on heavy-duty and small machinery are as follows -



-Circuit Breakers


-Electrical Safety Socket

-Level Sensors and Transmitters



-Safety Light Curtain

-Wall sockets


Out of these components, each and every component can be found at Addy-addy.com. We are the suppliers of each and every electrical and mechanical components that are a heavy-duty and small segment as well. They are Australian Online Electrical Wholesaler who cater to your industrial and small-scale requirements of electrical pieces and components. The major components to build any electrical circuit, which is very basic are available at our store. Their Inventory consists of components like valves to pumps and electric sockets to contactors.

Circuit breakers are components that break the circuit flow to prevent the overload or short circuit of any device from an overload of voltage. Circuit breaker components of prime quality are available which prevent hazardous and dangerous situations that jeopardize one's life and well supervision of the machinery and appliances operated at commercial or household level. Circuit Breaker steam of unquestionably good quality is available.

Level Sensors and Transmitters are the devices used to measure the level of storage tanks and indicate the level of liquid getting filled in the tank. This avoids spilling and wastage of costly chemicals purchased for manufacturing. We provide world-class level sensors that give no chance of errors and casualties.

Variable Speed drive is the motors that have varying speed and are different from regular motors that operate at a constant high speed throughout. Variable Speed Drive helps to cut the cost and also, they are exclusively AC Drive. Variable Speed Drive of different frequency range sets help in choosing what will be best for you, they assist to choose VSD that will be best suitable for the use. Other components and electrical parts that are essential to work systems are also available.

Valves that control the flow of liquid or gas into any system, are also available at addy-addy.com. Various kinds of valves that will serve a different purpose to any industrial machinery have to work with the best potential, for that matter, they are very reliable as a source of your component requirement.

This company serves its customers with the purpose to provide the best working components. They understand that the high quality of the components does not allow discrepancy and malfunctioning in a machinery system.

Benefits of choosing us as your electrical components online wholesale supplier -

-They function on the principles to provide the best to the customers.

-They assure that the products received are not in a compromised condition.

-They offer the best deals and just pricing to their customers.

For such crucial and important machinery, it is given that the components which are used should fulfill their purpose. They offer the best products on their website. To know more about their range of products, visit their website https://addy-addy.com

Different range sets of varying sizes are needed in every machinery, they keep this in mind and have their inventory stocked with different ranges and sizes of the same products as Rotary steam union.

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