Monday, October 2, 2023
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Need Help in Choosing Unique Gifts?

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, people are spending more time at home. The self-isolation causes loneliness and anxiety in most people. While Australia’s Department of Health is doing its part to address mental health issues, we can also find a practical way to cheer up our friends and family – giving gifts.


The act of gift-giving has psychological benefits for both the giver and the recipient. The giver experiences an emotional high when searching for a special gift. The recipient, on the other hand, feels special and appreciated.


If you want to share this positive experience, here are some unique gift ideas.


For Those Working from Home


Based on the latest research, around 32 percent of Australians have been “working from home” since the pandemic started.  Although remote work has its advantages, most workers experience longer workdays - video conferencing and catching up on emails.


How about adding some fun to work with the following gifts?


       Bean bag to store their tablet. While waiting for attendees to the meeting, they can listen to music or watch part of a movie. It already has a side pocket for earbuds.

       Rechargeable, wireless earbuds to answer calls from home

       Glasses that protect their eyes against blue light emitted from devices. Prolonged exposure to blue light causes eye strain, headaches, and difficulty sleeping.


For the Organiser


Now that the entire family is at home, this means more time to clean and be organized. Here are some unique gift ideas to solve the problem:


       Portable storage bags for toys

       Key finder that beeps when it “hears” a whistle and flashes light in the dark

       Laundry bags shaped like a boxing punching bag

       Handy all-in-one toolset containing a flat screwdriver, Philips, stylus, ruler, and a pen

       Mini-blower to keep keyboards free from cookie crumbs

       Microfibre slippers to clean the floors while walking around the house

       Cable clips that attach themselves to walls

       Scented soaps with funny messages

       Bedside pockets to hide and store bits and pieces


For Those Who Need Grooming at Home

While barbershops and salons are closed during the pandemic, most people are grooming themselves at home. Wives have started cutting their husband’s hair. Here are some grooming tools that are also great gift ideas:


       For men with a well-groomed mustache, there is a useful kit containing a small styling comb and trimming scissors.

       To create a salon experience at home, give them a rechargeable Bluetooth shower speaker to enjoy their favorite music while in the bath.

       Manicure grooming kit with stainless scissors and clippers

       Staying at home does not mean “no makeup.” A wonderful gift idea is a makeup pouch that conveniently stays flat to reach small makeup items.


For the Family’s Entertainment Needs


Now is the best time for the family to play games and watch movies. Based on a recent article, staying home resulted in people consuming more digital content. What better way for your friends to enjoy the experience than to give the following unique gift ideas:


  Organizer for armrest storage of everything needed – popcorn, drinks, books, and remote control

       A cushion that also functions as a caddy for drinks, remote control, and wine bottles

       Tablet the holder that can be clipped anywhere, leaving your hands free


All these unique gift ideas are available online. So, despite the pandemic, take the opportunity to make someone else’s day special.

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