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How to find out if you need to make a Career Change?

Changing careers only makes sense if you are dissatisfied with what you do. It is possible that you are physically tired. In that case, going on vacation is enough to return with the renewed energies.

But if you have resumed your activities after a few days of rest, and still do not manage to adapt to your routine, it may be time to pay attention to some everyday signs.

  • Do you feel that they do not value your work?
  • Do you have difficulty getting up to go to work?
  • Is your work bringing you more sorrows than joys?
  • Do you practice your profession because of social pressure?

The answers to these questions will help you define if you need a break, get a new job or something more radical, such as changing the area of action.

How to prepare to make a career change?

Being jaded, frustrated or dissatisfied with your profession are legitimate reasons to question yourself if that is exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life. But we guarantee that finding your boss and quitting now is not the best solution.

Instead, you can prepare yourself from now on so that your professional transition is successful and it is not necessary to make another change in the next ten years. Some suggestions help a lot at that time:

In times of change, more important than knowing what you want, is knowing what you do not want to do

Think of the activities that you do not like to carry out in your day to day, or that you prefer to delegate to third parties.

Make a list of tasks that you perform with ease:

In what type of activity do people ask you for help? What issues do you master and like to share? By doing this exercise you can discover a new occupation that generates income and gives you personal satisfaction at the same time.

Seek professional help:

When we are thinking about making a change in our lives, naturally, we think about asking for advice from family and friends, is not it?

But did you know that their opinion can make it difficult instead of helping you? This happens because very close people are guided by emotional stimuli and fear that the new challenge does not go well, that is why they can demotivate you.

The idea is to seek the help of professionals such as coaches, psychologists or human resources analysts, who are more prepared to identify your potential and show you how you can use them to reach your goal.

Prepare yourself Financially:

Training in a new area and even professional relocation require time and investment, which means giving up a certain lifestyle, especially if you have a family.

That is why, in order not to be frightened when making a career transition, you need to be prepared financially. There are cases of people who put together the money necessary to stay between six months to a year out of the conventional labor market. If you choose to have your own business, remember to add the expenses of your business to your personal expenses. A successful leader like Mathieu Chantelois will always encourage cooperation between employees and teamwork. After 20 years in the corporate world, Mathieu Chantelois decided to dedicate his knowledge and expertise to his passion for helping others in the nonprofit sector.

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