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NEET Answer Key: Question Paper With Solutions

NEET Answer Key 2021: The NEET is a hypercompetitive national scale admission test held annually by the NTA. The NTA will shortly publish the NEET UG Answer key 2021 at their official site, soon.

NTA will provide a link to get the NEET UG Answer key 2021 final. As a result, students should remember that they cannot contest the final NEET-UG answer keys. NEET 2021 results will be announced a few hours after the final answer keys are released.

Candidates may estimate their chances of passing the NEET-UG exam using the estimated marks from the NEET 2021 answer key. Follow the NEET marking system to compute the pass marks using the NTA NEET answer key.

NTA has published the official tentative answer key for NEET 2021 at The NEET UG Answer key 2021 contains the answers to the exam papers. The answer key of NEET 2021 for all codes m, N, O, and P has been published.

What is the NEET Answer Key?

When studying the NEET answer key, you become familiar with the test procedures and utilise confidence in the unexpected.

The NEET Answer Sheet is a fully prepared quick guide that will help you prepare for the NEET test.

The NTA will hold NEET 2021 in paper and a pen format on September 12, 2021. Meanwhile, the central institutions will provide the NEET key by the third week during September 2021, before the public announcement by the authority on the fourth week of September 2021 in PDF format and together with the candidate's OMR answer sheet.

How can I get the answer key NEET for 2021?

Candidates who will take the test may get the NEET 2021 solution key by following the instructions outlined below:

Step 1: Go to and select on the official portal.

Step 2: A PDF version of the NEET answer sheet will display on the screen.

Step 3: Download the NEET 2021 exam's official answer key.

Step 4: The NEET 2021 answer key lists the question number as well as the correct answers.

Step 5: Using the NEET 2021 answer key, determine the grade.

Step 6: Save it to your computer and store it for future use.

How can I use the NEET 2021 answer key to determine my score?

Medical students may use the NEET 2021 answer keys for all sets to determine what score they're likely to get on the test. Candidates may accomplish the same by following the procedures below:

Candidates may tally their answers (as in the NEET OMR sheet PDF) with the official NEET 2021 answer key when the NTA NEET answer key is revealed.

While tallying, candidates must keep an eye on the question paper's code and the NEET 2021 answer key. Upon that top of either the answer key and the OMR sheet, applicants may discover the sets and language of the answer sheet.

To get their NEET score, medical students must count the right and erroneous replies. Applicants must regard a question unanswered if more than one answer has been noted for it. Marks would be calculated using the scoring method shown below.

2021 NEET Cut-off:

The NEET 2021 cut-off is the minimal passing percentile for the national level entrance examination. With the informational brochure, the NEET cut-off percentiles for each category were issued.

The equivalent marks will be revealed with the NEET result 2021, whereas the NEET cut off 2021 scores will be published with the NEET result 2021; in the chart below, candidates can see the NEET cut-off from the preceding year:

CategoryNEET 2020 Cut-off percentileNEET 2020 cut-off scores
General-PH45th  146-129

NEET Answer Key 2021: What Does It Mean?

  • NEET answer key PDF 2021 will include the correct replies to the NEET 2021 questions presented in the test.
  • Candidates may assess their possible scores by utilising the NEET 2021 answer key and the approved scoring system.
  • It would be easier for candidates to choose the next step in the admission procedure if they have their score in hand even before the result is announced, thanks to the NEET Answer key 2021.
  • If there are any objections to any of the answers once the NTA NEET official answer key 2021 is released, they may dispute them within the time limit.

How to Submit a Refutation to the NEET Answer Key?

If you detect a mismatch or disagree with anything in the answer key or NEET OMR answer sheet 2021, you have two days to dispute it or have it resolved.

NTA will provide the final answer key for NEET 2021 in the fourth week of September 2021, only when the inconsistencies have been resolved. For every challenge, the NTA would impose a non-refundable fee of Rs. 1000/-.

This method is known as the 'challenging answer key.' Finally, in the final week of September 2021, the NEET 2021 result will be declared. Please keep in mind that the dates are uncertain.

You may calculate your NEET 2021 score using the formula (4 x number of correct answers) - (1 x no incorrect answers). This implies that each correct answer will be worth four points, while each erroneous response will be worth one.

However, NTA will give no points for responses that are not tried or have more than one solution.

Anyone interested in challenging the NEET 2021 answer key should follow the appropriate steps:

  1. To get the “Challenging answer key” for NEET 2021, click the link given.
  2. Enter your username and password, as well as your registration details.
  3. To challenge NEET answer key 2021, go to “Key challenge” and choose “TEST BOOKLET CODE.”
  4. Then choose whatever question you'd want to confront.
  5. Then choose the solution that they believe is accurate. In favour, you may offer reasoning.
  6. Last but not least, press the SUBMIT BUTTON.
  7. Candidates may pay the fees with a debit or credit card.
  8. The acquisition will be confirmed, as well as the contested question. It would help if you took a printout for future reference.


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