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Netchex – Is It Worth Using for Your Business?

Business entities, in today’s time and age, have to be very smart in their operations to be able to beat the competition. Being inefficient in their operations can cost them a lot. Even routine tasks such as HR management, keeping attendance records, payroll duty, etc., now require utmost attention.

Particularly speaking about payroll duty, the current competitive world doesn’t allow businesses to spend days to calculate salaries and figure out who took leave for how many days. Especially when all this can be done in a matter of a few minutes with the help of payroll software programs. It will be an understatement to term these programs as life-savers, particularly for small businesses that can afford to hire HR teams.

Among all these programs, Netchex is a name that is growing in popularity in the business community. Wondering whether this tool is worth buying or not? Let’s figure it out!

What is Netchex?

Many believe that Netchex is a small company payroll software. However, it is much more than that. Of course, it can be used to complete payroll duties, but its functionality expands to attendance management, learning management, taxation, and performance management as well.

This online tool claims to eliminate the requirements for companies to spend days figuring out what to pay to their employees as all this can be calculated easily.

Why Should You Use It?

After thoroughly using this software, we have come up with a list of reasons why you should use Netchex for your business. Take a look at them:

The Use of Latest Technology

Netchex uses state of the art technology for all the functions it offers. It has the capability to run and the entire organization. Still, it is very simple to use. The developers of this program have made sure that even a person who isn’t very tech-savvy can use it. This is evident from the app’s interface.

Furthermore, due to the use of the latest technology, it can be accessed by employees no matter where they are located. They can know about their receivables and other vital details pertaining to their salary.

Many Functions in One Software

Netchex eliminates the requirement of using different software and programs to handle diverse tasks of a business. Using this online payroll software, companies can perform several tasks at the same place. This not only saves cost but increases efficiency as well. Moreover, it makes the entire process hassle-free as well.

It makes for a suitable solution for companies looking for HR and payroll duties, learning and attendance management, recruiting solutions etc.

Customized Pricing Plan

Normally, what payroll software companies do is offer fixed payment plans. They have different packages but do not allow customization. Therefore, the user has to pay for every feature regardless of the fact they use it or not.

Netchex scores brownie points here. It offers a dynamic pricing facility to those looking for customized plans. This means that you will only have to pay for the features you use. This way, this software becomes quite cost-effective for companies. There are also different packages for those looking for fixed payment plans.

Free Demo

It can be a real frustrating experience if you have purchased software, but when it comes to using it, it doesn’t meet your expectations. Not only the money gets down the drain, but it’s also a waste of time as well. With Netchex, there’s no such issue associated. It offers a free demo. This allows companies to review its features and functionality before buying it.

Why Shouldn’t You Use It?

There’s no such thing as perfection in this world, and Netchex is no exception. This tool, too, comes with a drawback.

Lacks Consultancy Services

There are some tools in the market that allows businesses to get in touch with experts in the field. Using their expertise, they can make a better decision for the business. Netchex lags behind in this regard.

Final Verdict

Despite the little blemish, Netchex is a must-have tool for every business, irrespective of its size, scale and nature. It’s affordable, customizable and comes with a range of features and functions.

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