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Netflix Shows That Online Gamers Will Love

Streaming platforms are taking over in the world of entertainment, whether that is in the music industry, the realms of business, or when it comes to movies and TV shows. Netflix has set itself apart as a market leader by combining its rich heritage of understanding what online audiences want with being adept at attracting people who previously preferred to watch regular television.

One demographic that has been spoiled for choice when it comes to available Netflix shows is that of online gamers, many of whom are hungry for stories that feature the games and the celebrities such titles have spawned.


The Netflix algorithm is constantly firing gaming related content at those folks who love to jump online for a session of button bashing fun and frolics

Players of Classic Games are Well Taken Care of

While much of the chatter online these days is all about brand new Esports such as League of Legends or Call of Duty, there are some classic games which have stood the test of time, going on to find new audiences and fans among the next generation of gamers. Some such games include chess, poker, and scrabble, all of which have movies, TV shows, and documentaries featured on the Netflix platform.

Chess boasts the most well-known of these shows with most of the platform’s users being aware of titles like The Queen’s Gambit, Searching for Bobby Fischer and The Coldest Game. For people more interested in card games rather than board games there are TV shows related to popular pursuits such as poker. One of these is All In: The Poker Movie, which delves into the world of professional players around the time of the poker boom that took place in the early 2000s. Meanwhile, for something more light-hearted there is The Grand, which is a spoof of the poker world from around the same time period.

If words are more your thing than probabilities, then Word Wars is an excellent watch, as it follows the lives of two fanatical Scrabble players, on their way to the 2002 US Championship tournament held in San Diego.

netflix remote control electronic-BMH

Online gamers can hit the Netflix button on their remote and be safe in the knowledge that there will be a show available for them, full of pixelated action or insightful content

Esports Players and Followers Perfectly Catered For

While classic games like chess, poker, and scrabble have undergone something of a revival online, they still do not have a fan base comparable in scale to contemporary battle royale or RPG titles.

For this reason, Netflix and most of their main streaming competitors have been rushing to release series and shows about games so popular that they have become competitive Esports in their own right. With Netflix looking set to enter the realm of Esports themselves in some capacity in the near future, they have been putting out some quality content of relevance to this community.

League of Legends Origins give fans of this blockbuster game, which has captured the hearts and imaginations of millions of gamers around the globe, something to enjoy. Another fascinating movie for Esports enthusiasts to enjoy is Indie Game: The Movie, which shows the amount of dedication it takes to develop a video game from scratch.

Gaming Adaptations Coming Soon to Netflix

So far, we have touched upon some of the game-related shows that are available on Netflix now, but what about the ones that are much anticipated by viewers?

The coming months and years promise to boast a plethora of new Netflix shows for gamers to feast on, coming mainly in the form of video game and online game adaptations. Some of these productions currently in the pipeline include Castlevania, Minecraft: Story Mode, and Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. Of course, projects do sometimes fall by the wayside, but at least some of these shows should be available on Netflix sooner rather than later.  

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