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Netgear Extender Setup - Fix the Internet Connectivity Issues!

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Unable to watch your favorite on Netflix due to poor internet connection! If yes, then this small blog will clarify all your doubts and help you with the new extender setup. Yes, you read it right. To get rid of the unwanted internet connection issues, installing a Netgear extender at your home or workplace can be a perfect idea. Not only will you get better coverage of the internet but also manage the dead zones at your place.

Without a doubt, Netgear Wireless Range Extender is a perfect option to enhance the internet coverage at your home but still, it comes with some instructions that you need to follow exactly. A little Lapse in the setup steps of the extender can lead to multiple errors. If you are a new buyer and are not familiar with the technical knowledge of the extender, then there are high chances that you might face issues. To fix these unwanted problems, there are some guidelines that you need to follow.

How To Fix Internet Connection Issues?

There are multiple types of problems that you might face while setting up or installing your Netgear extender. It depends upon different factors like how fast is your internet plan, where have you placed the standard, are you using an Ethernet cable or establishing a connection wirelessly, the condition of the power socket, and more. Here we are discussing the most basic ones:

·     Poor Or No Internet Access In Certain Rooms -

One of the most common issues related to the Wi-Fi standard is that you are getting the internet coverage in one room but it drops down when you enter the other parts of your house. This dropping of signals generally happens when there is interference in the path of the signals. To fix this, make sure you place the extender away from the electronic gadgets and other reflecting objects like Mirrors and glasses. Make sure you place your extender in an open area at some specific height.

·     Connected To Wifi But No Internet -

The next point in this series is when you are connected to the Wi-Fi network but still, there is no internet connection. To fix this issue, it is recommended to restart your Netgear Wi-Fi Range Extender and the devices connected to it. If you are still experiencing this problem, then you will need to find the cause behind the problem. Make sure that the connection between the extender and the router is prominent.

·    Netgear Wifi Extender Keeps Disconnecting -

In the initial phases, it is seen that the extender used to drop its connection and starts disconnecting automatically. This generally happens when you have selected an improper location to place your extender or you are using an outdated firmware version. To fix this, make sure you are using an updated web browser and firmware of the extender. Place the extender in the central position as well.

·    The Problem Of Slow Internet -

The next problem is when your internet is working but it is very weak or slow. You might experience this problem many times and to fix this, you will need to find the cause of the same. Generally, when you are using the high bandwidth channel, your computer system or laptop starts experiencing slow internet.

·   Your Extended Switch Off On Its Own -

It is seen that the Netgear Wi-Fi Range Extender turns off on its own when you have used the extender for some time. This is a matter of overheating the device. To manage this issue, you need to shut down your extender for a while and then switch it on after some time. These days, you will find many models in extenders that are capable of cooling themselves.

In conclusion, these are some of the issues letter to the establishment of a connection between your extender and the router. These issues are faced by many people and by taking prominent steps one can easily manage to find this solution.

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