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New Beauty Ecommerce Trends to Try in 2020

Ecommerce continues to grow each year, inspiring significant industries to incorporate online commerce in their business. You need to adapt to the rapid technological trends or boom into oblivion if you don’t. Beauty ecommerce, in particular, is a very dynamic and competitive market, and not all industries have the guarantee to leverage it well.

Due to the global reach, and competition among cosmetic manufacturers, the beauty industry has risen out as one of the topmost players in online selling platforms. There are many established partners like Asian Beauty Wholesale that raise the game for ecommerce platforms. You can find out more about them here.

Here’s a list of beauty ecommerce trends to try in 2020:

Optimize the Online Buying Journey

The most successful beauty ecommerce sites, from established brands to newbie startups, are the ones who understand the online buying process and find ways to optimize the consumer’s buying experience. They know that the most important thing is to guide the consumer into selecting the best product for him or her and making sure it ends on the checkout page.

Here are some tips on optimizing your beauty ecommerce website:

  • Opening various advertising channels. Affiliate marketing and social media marketing are some of the most effective ways to open your advertising channels. The buying journey starts once the consumer gets enticed by a product. By opening multiple advertising channels, you can maximize your reach, and you can get more potential customers into searching and buying your product.
  • Streamlining the purchase and payment process. Nothing discourages a potential customer more than a clunky webpage and annoying buying process. Although a potential buyer may like a product, he or she may cancel simply because it’s too difficult to buy that product online. Avoid this problem by making sure your online store is easy to navigate. Invest in quality web development that makes it easy for customers to browse through your pages. Also, make sure to smoothen out the checkout process by providing various payment options and efficient shipping.
  • Post-checkout support. Many brands and companies fail to provide post-checkout support, which is a massive waste because this is something that helps retain and gain customer loyalty. A post-checkout support system makes buyers feel like the company makes sure the product gets delivered to them and have their concerns voiced by enabling customers to provide feedback.

Be Inclusive

Successful beauty ecommerce players boost their sales by tapping into previously under-catered markets, such as women of color, lower-income earners, etc. For example, beauty brands that began launching a more extensive palette of foundations to match the skin tone of dark-skinned women gained recognition in the beauty community because it catered to a previously under-marketed segment of society.

Beauty brands that also make their products affordable gained a foothold in ecommerce, by opening for lower-income earners to buy beauty products and keep up with trends that fit into their income range. Your ecommerce website should do the same in 2020.

Personalize and Customize

Personalizing and customizing products are very profitable trends for beauty brands who want to increase and open up their consumer reach. You should make it possible to let clients choose colors and product options that suit them, which makes them feel that they made a well-thought buying choice and lessen customer returns.

Some excellent ways to implement personalization for customers include using apps and online tests to help find the right shade for one’s skin tone or the right cleanser for one’s skin type. You can use virtual reality and augmented reality for this test.

Utilize the Power of Communities and Influencers

The Internet has made it possible for people to connect and share experiences and information readily. Beauty entrepreneurs can take advantage of this by tapping into online beauty communities to penetrate through the thick and saturated online beauty market and find the right audience. Social media is the crucial point when utilizing the power of communities, especially by working with beauty influencers.

Beauty influencers are individuals who have gained fans and followers in the online community by providing valuable information such as beauty tips, products, recommendations, and tutorials that help potential buyers when buying beauty products.

Final Thoughts

The beauty ecommerce industry is so dynamic that, with the right knowledge and strategies, it can make newbie brands compete with established brands easily. However, the downside to this is that the industry is so competitive and saturated that your brand may run the risk of being ignored and not gaining enough profits.

The key to avoiding this problem is to take the risk to stand out. Ideally, you should be starting with a specific niche within the beauty community and start from there. Being unique helps you stand out amongst your competitors and increase your profitability.

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