Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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New Ideas for Employee Appreciation

Are you currently seeking ways to reward and motivate your employees? Keep in mind that when employees are recognized for achieving certain goals, it can feel more rewarding and encourage them to take on more ambitious projects.

Nearly ninety percent of employees who obtained recognition from their employers report feeling a great level of trust. You see, the concept of trust is not often discussed in a workspace context. However, it lies at the core of employee appreciation. 

This post allows us to provide you new ideas for employee appreciation. Most of these employee recognition ideas will surely put a smile on your employee’s face without putting a strain on your pocket. 

Treats & Gifts 

Do you want to offer your employees some treats and gifts to motivate them? Try some of these ideas: 

  • Fun desk drops

Offer your staff something exciting to look forward to every week. You can do that by leaving funny or useful presents on their tables before they come.

  • Additional budget for team building

Why don’t you offer your team leaders an extra budget for entertaining activities? They can organize excursions their team is likely to love, allowing them to bond easily in a small setting.

  • Spot bonuses

Giving bonuses is surely one of the best ways to offer employee recognition. However, it will help if you will be generous if you are opting to this concept. Keep in mind that too small sums might only insult the teams.

  • Live entertainment

Sporting events, comedy shows, and concerns are a superb bonding opportunity for your team. That’s true, no matter if you prefer bringing your staff on a trip or take performers on campus. 

  • Tasty coffees

Toss that ruck fuel. It’s time that you treat your workers to a variety of gourmet blends and beans. If you have enough budget, you can get a pop-up barista for the entire month who can whip up cappuccinos or lattes. 

  • Top-notch sweet treats

Your staff will be much grateful if you get them a box of treats from a famous donut shop, a renowned cupcake place around your area, or from a local bakery. 

  • Subscription gift

Snack subscriptions, doggie gift boxes, and monthly cheese samples, among others, are an excellent way to show your staff you care for them regularly. Try to send out a list of choices that suit your budget and allow your staff to choose what fits them. 


Check out these recognition ideas you can do today: 

  • Customized thank you notes

Did you know that recognition technology is an influential thing? People still cherish the concept of hand-written notes often, offering them a personal touch.

  • Office awards

Why don’t you host a company-wide awards ceremony to rejoice some of the major triumphs over the years? You can make those ceremonies a creative and fun event and not just another ordinary meeting. Crystal trophies or awards made of 3D crystals will do the trick.

  • Recognition and rewards recommendation box

This doesn’t need to be a physical box. However, it’s a wonderful concept to reach out to your staff. Ask the types of rewards and recognition which are valuable to them. 

  • Public employee and social media employee recognition

You can post individual recognition on the social media channel of your company. You can also make those recognitions extra special by sending various email lists, acknowledging a staff during a team meeting, or by posting recognitions on public bulletin boards. Your staff will surely feel valued and appreciated.


Here is a list of employee appreciation for work: 

  • Lengthened break times

You can double your employee’s break during whether they normally receive a fifteen-minute break or one-hour lunch.

  • Flex vacation day

Perhaps every worker can’t take a weekday off simultaneously. The good news is that you can grant everybody one additional vacation day to utilize as they wish. Further, you can also put standard restrictions on the time they can redeem. It’s recommended not to make it restrictive, though, especially if you offer this gift. 

  • Up-to-date equipment and technologies

Why don’t you upgrade your employee’s software, smartphones, monitors, and laptops? They will surely be surprised and perhaps more productive at their work.

  • Revamp the office

Big constructions are not in the cards for everybody. Nevertheless, you will find a plethora of stuff, which can enhance the employee experience. That includes a fresh coat of paint, more plants, better lighting, better chairs, or whatever your staff say they need.

  • Do the initiative you have been promising to your employees

Perhaps you’ve been telling your team to overhaul performance reviews, revamp the office bathrooms or bring in better snacks. Take note that nothing will show your team you value them more than by making such promises.

  • Support project time

Another employee recognition idea is to support project time. You can do this by setting side your employees to drop their standard projects and work on something they are avid about. 

  • Set a budget for employee-selected development or training

You can offer your team leader a set budget for every employee they handle. They will then offer staff the liberty to pick the training they wish, whether it’s an online course, class, or a conference. 

  • Educational speakers

Why don’t you offer your staff access to thought leaders within the industry? It’s not just educational and but it’s also entertaining and loads of fun.


Here are top wellness employee recognition ideas you can try. 

  • Fitness trackers

Support your staff to track their sleep, heart rate, and steps by giving them fitness trackers. The information from such trackers can be utilized for employee step competitions throughout the year.

  • Free exercise or yoga classes

Hiring an on-site yoga instructor to come in for the day and host a set of classes for your team is a wonderful idea too.

  • Guided meditation

Meditation is an excellent way to lessen stress. Feel free to bring a professional to guide your staff or host a guided meditation.

Take your time. Always be thoughtful and ask for thoughts. Remember that showing valuable appreciation to your team can boost the overall performance and success of your organization. 

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