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New Innovation and Features for Home Security in 2021

The world is shaping into a better place with technology. There are lots of things that can be done and avoided with the presence of technology, especially for the home security issue. These home security has been a fundamental aspect for protecting homes and houses for sale in California from criminals and break-ins.

Over the recent years, the safety and security features have shaped overtime, it keeps delivering new value with new innovation. For instance the use of video analytics, a better video resolution to monitor the current events.

Meet Dave Shea, he is the managing partner of Complete Home Security, the firm which focuses on home safety and security systems. Enclosed and located in the corner of Willow and Ashland, Clovis. Further, they have served the California property market and help real estate agent California for over 10 years

Within 10 years of strong service, the firm upscales their activity as a premier partner of ADT home security; The big company known for safety and security systems. Through this partnership, the firm is able to provide cost effective solutions for homeowners and California property in terms of getting smart home security in the Central Valley.

Linda Peltz, a California realtor had the opportunity to speak with Dave Shea regarding the importance of home security to the California property community. Further to introduce the newest features and offers within the safety and security of home can afford. Dive in to the live discussion down below!



What Makes Them Different From Other Home Security Firms?

Whenever people get to think about home security, they need to make a wise choice on which company would bring the best safety and security for their loved ones. Occasionally, these firms differ by their automation tools and services they cover. Some firm may only provide a 24 hours security camera, whilst the other may offer video monitor and analysis throughout the home.

When it comes to Complete Homes Security, they have everything the homeowner wished for. The firm can not only offer protection for the homeowner and a California realtor, but also the home itself with a set of smart home facilities and features. Such as; smart doorbell camera spy, video monitor, garage automation, smart locks. 

All these smart homes facilities and features are increasingly relevant during this pandemic state, as the number of residential home break-ins and criminals went upwards. All homeowner and real estate agent California can do is to prevent this event from happening with a doubled home security.

Real Estate Agent California Role in Home Security

Meanwhile home security might seem a heavy duty other than for professionals, any stakeholder in houses for sale in California should be aware about this issue. That's why a California realtor has a role to guide every homeowner and clients through all home security during homes for sale process. 

While listing California property, real estate agent California may not fully be aware of the listed unit security aspect, whether their unit or area will need cameras or security automation for safety reasons. 

This is where a California realtor would need Complete Home Security to assist them and provide resources in this kind of matter. Complete Home Security will always be an additional resource if there’s more than a request coming in for home safety and security. 

Dave Shea mentioned that these could be an added value for the real estate market which have a mission to deliver home safety and security. Both security and real estate agent California will bring solutions to the table regarding home security in the purchase process or houses for sale in California.

Linda Peltz, eXp Realty


Dave Shea

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