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New Management Tools And Software For Large Businesses

Big businesses don't always have the time or manpower needed to check up on every single one of their employees and help with every single one of their issues. Sometimes, tasks need to become automated with the use of new software. Other times, it can be better to put more power into your employee's hands by giving them access to management tools. This can help them get more of their tasks done without needing a manager to do all of the work for them. Below are some great management tools and software that any big business can benefit from using.

Time Tracking Software

First up on the list of handy digital tools a big business can use is time tracking software. This software allows employees to clock in and out without needing a manager to look over it. This is because the whole process is automated. Some time tracking apps can even help to create pay stubs (assuming the employee is paid a regular hourly rate). This can help to save a lot of time in the long run.

Video Conferencing/Meeting Services

If a business has many employees working remotely, then it is vital to use an online meeting or conferencing service. However, these services won't be of much use if they don't work well or if they are highly expensive to use. That's why it is important to pick the best video conferencing service for your business. Some things that may impact which service will work best for your business can include the amount of people that are allowed to attend each virtual meeting, how long the meetings are allowed to be, and if the service is free or requires a subscription.

Virtual To-Do Lists

If you run a big business, it can be hard to keep track of what everyone is working on at any given time. Sure, managers might make spreadsheets to keep updated, but formatting them to look nice and actually be usable can be difficult and tedious. Using managerial tools that allow employees to update the lists themselves.

One great website/app to use for this is Trello. This service allows managers to make columns of tasks that need to be completed. For example, if you are working for a blogging website, one column might include researching, while others might be writing, editing, and posting. With Trello, employees can put their name on a task card (or in the comment section for the task card) when they are assigned a new topic. They can then drag and drop it to the next step. This way, all a manager needs to do to see where their employees are in a task, all they need to do is check the Trello board!

Outsourcing Websites

Sometimes it may be difficult to find someone in your employment that has a certain skill that you need to get a job done. Rather than hire a permanent employee to do one simple job, it might be easier and cheaper to outsource the job. This doesn't necessarily mean outsourcing the job to someone in another country. Many businesses that outsource work simply hire a freelancer. This freelancer can be someone who can walk in and help in person or someone who can do all of the work remotely online.

Where are you supposed to find a freelancer? There are many websites and apps that managers can use to hire freelancers online. On these sites, managers can list a job and describe whether they need someone in person or remotely. Generally speaking, it's easier to find someone to work remotely. The manager can also add any details of the job that need to be known before hiring. One of the best parts of these services is that managers can set the price they are willing to pay to get the job done, which can be by the hour or by the job.


If you help to manage a big business, consider using these tools and software. These simple tools can make a world of difference!

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