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New Versus Used Forklifts – What Works Best for Your Warehouse

With the online market fluttering with orders and product delivery being at its peak, it’s time to look into additional machines and equipment to better support the job. These can include the essential forklifts that are used in moving and stacking products carefully and orderly. This equipment is quite needed in a warehouse that gets things done faster.

However, when it comes to purchasing this, exceedingly used and needed equipment, choosing between new and used can be a battle in observance. Both options have something to them.

But while new forklifts may be looking good to you right now, soon you’ll know that the used ones aren’t much different and provide the same level of disposal. So here are some facts about new and used forklifts to help you pave the way for your products in your warehouse efficiently:

Used Forklifts

These days you don’t have to settle for scratched and broken forklifts that had been used for ages before they got sold. You can now find newer, cleaner, and highly maintained forklifts looking just like new ones from different reliable used forklifts in Melbourne firms. Here are some more reasons to invest in this option and some no-goes:



When it comes to an imminent purchase like this, looking at the price tag can be the most important aspect. A forklift is an expensive piece of equipment that can give a good blow to your budget and expenditure. However, a used forklift can save the day by cutting the cost of a new forklift by at least 30%. Tithe all the additional equipment to make a forklift more effective, like tires and attachments; you may have to muster up around $25k to compel ether purchase. But with a used forklift, you can find different models and extensions that can make the whole purchase come down to half of the price of a new one.

Better off-the-Market Model

As newer versions of forklifts keep getting introduced to the warehousing and product maintenance market, the older and maybe, better models get kicked out of the picture. Big companies sell their older machines to get these new ones that are still in good shape. Some of these older versions may be better for your warehouse and work than the newly introduced versions. So when you buy used forklifts, you have a bigger market and choices to choose from to get efficient solutions.

Easy to Locate Parts

Another great advantage of used forklifts is that the forklift parts are easier and cheaper to get and install. New forklift parts being readily availed in the market is uncertain. In this comparison, used forklifts are much more efficient as they can be fixed at low cost and quickly with arable parts to not affect your work.


No Warranty

A disadvantage for forklift buyers with the used counterparts can be not having a supporting warranty that can get any problem fixed in a set period of time. However, not everything is lost. Some used forklift providers also provide a guarantee, but it may be short-termed and not provide fixtures to your used equipment as often as it gets broken.

Wear and Tear

Another disadvantage of investing in a used forklift is that it can come with its flaws. It will have some wear and tear on the seats that might affect ergonomics. The running may also be defective. However, if you do your research and choose from a dependable provider, you can steer clear from all these setbacks and not see it as a used piece.

New Forklifts

The warehouse equipment industry is brimming with all kinds of new equipment and lavish facilities on them. Likewise, forklifts are present in new and shiny motors and surfaces. Other than this, here are some reasons to invest in the latest models and the cons of it:


Lengthy Warranty

One of the main factors that compel warehouse owners to invest in new forklift machinery is the acquisition of a lengthy warranty. Such a warranty can last from 12 months updo 36, depending on the provider you choose to buy from. This stretch of the contract is often larger than that of a used forklift and can help you get any fixing efficiently in that period of time.

Lasts Longer

If your work seems to be piling up and you’re going to be in the industry for a long time, a new forklift can aid better. The newer versions make the equipment last longer with heavier work than the used counterparts. They have advanced features and technology that make tasks easier, and the machine lasts longer while saving costs as you won’t need to change the forklift often.


High Price

As discussed above, forklifts prices are quite high right now due to the demand and the latest features and parts in them. Hence they aren’t the best way to save money. Moreover, if you’re to take out alone, it’ll take time to repay it with such a hefty amount.

Unnecessary for Long Term Warehouse Use

Aside from forklifts, there are several other types of equipment needed inside a warehouse that costs tons of cash as well. So if you look at the broader picture and think long term, you may be at a loss for buying a new forklift as it can eat away at your spending money than add to the profits.

Scarce Parts

As a last warning for investing in a new forklift, it is a known fact that the parts for this equipment aren’t easy to find. They can be high priced, and take some research before you can find a piece that fits well if your forklift is damaged.


As a result of the comparison, it can be clearly seen that the used forklifts are more worth the investment than new ones. They are not only efficient but cost-saving and easier to handle. However, before getting any used forklift for your warehouse, ensure to do your thorough research on the make, model, providers, brands, and other important information and then put down your investment strategically.

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