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New Ways To Market Your Products

Getting your company and your products out to catch the public’s attention can be a challenge especially with the constant change in media trends. Finding a new type of advertising that will reach your customers can boost your sales and bring more profit into your business. Here are a few avenues you should consider.

Social Media

A new way to get your business out in front of new clients is social media. Set up pages on multiple platforms for those interested in your products to look at then keep it updated regularly. Make what you post fun and catchy so that those who see it want to learn more about your company. Purchase advertising so that the platform will display your products on the timelines of people who might be unfamiliar with what you sell. Have a contest and offer prizes to those who share your information with their friends to bring more traffic to your page and therefore your business.

Email Newsletters

Another way to reach your customers on a regular basis is to send out an email newsletter to update those who receive it on new specials and items. You might use data wrangling to clean up and compile a list of the email addresses in the many databases that you have. Subscribe to an email distributor and upload your list of contacts into it. There will be templates for you to format your email to or you can design your own. Once you are finished writing your message, you can set it up to deliver at a specific time. Make sure that you include your company logo and name to it as well as eye catching photos of your products.

Write a Blog

Another way to reach your customers with information about your company and what you have to offer is to write a blog post. Set up a place to host what you write and add your company logo to the template you choose. Be careful when you compose the content of your blog to ensure that it sounds professional. You might want to ask one or two others to read it over before you post it. Add keywords to your post so that when someone searches for that topic it will send them to your article. Add graphics to it that related to what you are discussing. If you can, tie them into your company or have them be from your business. You can also reach out to associates that are involved in corporations like yours to write a guest blog for you. This will draw those who follow him or her to your blog to see what they said as well as give exposure to your guest from those who follow you. Be sure you get someone who will take what they post seriously and find time to read what they want to say before it goes up on the website.

Talk At a Conference

Volunteer to speak at a conference for others in your industry. This can show the knowledge of the products that you sell and introduce your company to others who might be interested in buying from you. Getting the option to speak for a webinar allows what you have to say to be uploaded to the organization’s website. Those interested in the topic that you are talking about can find your speech on the internet and through that learn more about your business. Also, many groups that have you lecture for them will put your name, company name, and contact information with the video that they post. 

Have a Party At Your Store

If you are releasing a new product or have a special sale you want to share with your customers, plan an event at your location and invite them in. Schedule it for an off hour when you are typically closed or when traffic is low. Send invitations by mail, through your email newsletter, or on your social media platforms depending on the clientele you wish to reach out to. Set up displays throughout the shop that highlight the items that you think they will take the most interest in. Cater in food and beverages and then decorate the space to make it feel like a celebration. Finding new methods to reach your customers can prove to be a challenge. However, if you know the trends of the market you are trying to reach, you can get your business name out to new people who may have been unaware of you before.

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