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Malaysian-made wooden pallets can be transported and stored easily. We can offer custom sizes as well as a range of sizes to meet your requirements. Due to their wooden structure, they can hold many products. They can be moved and stacked with a forklift truck, making them useful in warehouses.

As consumers and businesses become more concerned about sustainability, wood is in high demand. Wood that is stronger can be reused often, which reduces costs and encourages sustainable business models. This makes wooden pallets more appealing.

When we create our wooden pallets, all specifications are met. There are many sizes and shapes of wood pallets that we offer. Wood is sourced from sustainable forests, which have been managed in a way that is environmentally friendly. Wooden pallets can be purchased in our product section.


Benefits of Wooden Pallets

You can classify pallets as either two-way or four-way. This refers to how many pallets can be lifted by a forklift. There are no restrictions on a four-way pallet. You can make them in any size you want, but certain sizes are necessary for logistics and supply chain management.

Wooden pallets are strong and durable so they can be used to carry heavy loads. They can withstand extreme weather conditions. You can store and protect your goods with wooden pallets. They are also strong. Our high-quality Wood Pallet Malaysia will bring many benefits to your business.


New wooden pallets that have been heat treated

International agreements prohibit the transport of wood over national borders to prevent pests and infestations. This could lead to destruction in other countries, as well as harm to wildlife and trees. The ISPM15 has set high standards for wooden pallets.

An internationally recognized mark is applied to each piece of wood packaging that conforms to ISPM15 standards. This mark acts as a passport, allowing the packaging item to be shipped internationally without any fear.




Standard delivery is free for customers in Malaysia if they spend more than RM1000. This includes VAT. Standard delivery can be requested within 2 to 3 business days after the order is placed. All orders less than RM1000 will be subject to a Rm100 surcharge. Standard delivery assumes that orders are delivered during normal business hours between 9.00am - 5.00pm. Delivery to some parts of Scotland and Ireland may not possible. We will inform you as soon as possible.

All stock items can be ordered before 12.00 pm to receive Next Day Service. The cost for this service is RM100. If delivery is required in certain areas of Malaysia, we will inform you. You can request Saturday, Sunday or morning delivery. All requests for wooden pallets are welcome. You may need to wait longer for special colours or additional branding. This is usually noted when you receive your quote.


Malaysian Wooden Pallet Prices

On our website, you can order a Wooden Pallet Johor Bahru. Wooden pallets can be customized to meet your needs. You can have them measured exactly to your specifications. While recycled wooden pallets are more economical than new ones they maintain the highest quality standards.

All stock items can be ordered before 12.00 pm to receive Next Day Service. The cost for this service is RM100. If delivery is required in certain areas of Malaysia, we will inform you. You can request Saturday, Sunday or morning delivery. All requests for wooden pallets are welcome. You may need to wait longer for special colours or additional branding. This is usually noted when you receive your quote.

Please complete the contact form to request a quote on a wooden pallet. Within 24 hours, we will send you a quote. You can reach our friendly team at the freephone number 60167795133. We would be happy to talk with you about your company. We look forward to meeting your pallet needs.



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