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Newly Released Aspects Of Magento Commerce 2.2

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The arrival of the latest Magento commerce 2.2 has brought about an ample amount of website developments. The improvement features include advanced potential for achieving sustainable sales growth and native support for selling B2C and B2B on a single platform. Other achievements include 100 bug fixes offered by Magento community.

The previous version of Magento(2.1) excelled for its flexible extension ecosystem and server performance. However, the 2.2 version is above it with vigorous functionalities offering the business tycoons with everything to manage, optimise, and grow their business.

The entrepreneur these days have become more cautious about the applications of Magento 2.2. To know why, help yourself with the factual reasons given below.

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#Enhanced Checkout Experience

The first thing that the buyers look for is if the eCommerce site provides an easy payment scheme with a transparent service transaction. Magento now supports a feature of Instant Purchase, which is a streamlined checkout option for the signed in customers to use their payment details saved previously with one click. This seems to be a crucial aspect for the merchants to boost conversion rates and facilitate online shopping to a whole new level.   

#New B2B Features

In mid-2017, Magento was ranked as leading eCommerce platform for Small and Midsize Organisations by Forrester. Based on that achievement, Magento has further excelled in merging the latest intrinsic B2B module with it, which is meant to provide out-of-the-box eCommerce solutions.

Once the client project is accomplished successfully, the user can now manage his/her business page by handling all the functions from the backend. Some of which generally include: organise new site quotes, negotiate product price, besides, suggesting alternative products (optionally), shipping charge with B2B partners, etc.

Companies can also create and maintain their own accounts, assigning various levels of roles and permissions to teams of buyers.

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The B2B module permits the customers to request quotes directly via the owner ’s shopping cart. Alternatively, the site visitors can opt for the option of placing their orders instantly on the SKU through the cart’s CSV file.

In short, Magento version 2.2 is an ideal platform for the tradesman to manage their B2B and B2C operations with an ease. Sigma Beauty is one such instance which is a globally renowned company with over 250 retailers in over 70 nations. To know about its story of success, tap here. The site has designed itself to provide B2B and B2C service on Magento 2.2 enabling the B2B users to enter and order items from an interface that matches the feel and look of B2C suite.

#Fine Integrated Solutions

This web development interface supports integrated cashback protection. Magento 2.2 comes with integrated chargeback protection which utilises human intelligence and machine learning ability to detect fraudulent protection, defending the retailers from losses and fees caused by deceptive orders.

In addition to the above features, Magento has introduced high-end reporting system in association with Magento Business Intelligence. This system allows the store owners a direct access to the new insights from the Magento admin, also enabling data-driven decision making.

#Social Monetisation

Dealers can now boost up their business extension by merging it with the social websites, such as Facebook stores on Magento platform. The buyer can view the cart products directly via Facebook pages. Visiting the dedicated cart page on Facebook redirects the visitor to the corresponding product page. As a result, the buyer can place orders without visiting the dedicated shopping cart to purchase the item.


Well, that was not all. There are several other functionalities, which you may want for developing a remarkable web app for your business. To gather more information of the possibilities of Magento 2.2, contact our Magento programmers at GetAProgrammer and let us make your ideas happen.  

GetAProgrammer has partnered with Magento for several years already and is constantly involved to provide improvised services on Magento framework. Our Magento developers in Australia are working their way towards the improvement of the core features of eCommerce websites.




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