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How a Nice Paint Job can Add Glamour to Your Home?

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If you want to add an element to your living room or bedroom and glam up your entryway or exterior, you need to work on getting the best paint job for your home. When you enter a room, the ambience and colour tone of the walls set the mood. Here is some nice paint job that can ae your house look glamorous. 

1. Consider the Ceiling

Most people just decide to neglect the ceiling. You can use a bright hue and can create a contrast from surrounding colours to make crisp-looking living space. You can also prefer to go bold and paint colours in your living space. Before all this, the height of the ceiling should be taken into consideration. Lower ceilings need to be painted in lighter colours to create an illusion of depth. Higher ceilings, the same way has enough depth and give yourself an appealing look.  Improve the grandeur of your house by adding a pop-up colour with the muted shades. This loud colour can make others admire your senses. 

2. Make a Focal Point

If you want your walls to stand out and be attention-grabbers here is a tip for you. Decorate your accent wall in your living room. Add a bright colour to a group of muted shade or light colours without much pop. This bright colour usage on the wall is sure to turn heads. You can also try patterns like Ombre or stripes on your walls to enhance the look as suggested by interior painters Auckland. The idea is to make a focal point for attracting everyone's focus. For example, on a left out white wall, if you are planning to add a focal point most likely add a bright colour like yellow or red which will stand out in the whole room.

3.  Floor Painting

If you are planning on going a little more extra on enhancing the look, floor paintings can be an option. They are eye-catching and rare. You can paint them to look like stone tiles like marbles or to patterns like a chessboard, etc. These stone tiles are less expensive. By imitating marble, you can create a traditional as well as modern sophisticated look. You can use an ultra-shiny epoxy resin paint. 

4. Choose Texture Oriented Painting

An effective way to make a catchy design is by using texture paints. Texture oriented painting is now trending. By modern faux paintings and sponging, brushing techniques tiles can make it look like it is an easy and simple way of attracting attention in models of wood-like materials. This can make your room feel cosy and decorated. This is usually done in exteriors. An exterior house wash Auckland can help you with the pre-painting procedure. 

5. Adding Murals

One unique way of decorating your home is with murals. This gives a touch of traditionality and closeness to Indian culture.  You can find and hire professionals to draw this mural for you. It can be colourful or monochromatic. Murals can blend easily with living room decor. Hire professionals who can do a quality finish. You can copy the works of great artists or create new crisp and amazing images of other people and things. This is a unique way of decorating your living space.

6. Pictures

If you are into mixing and combining different colours, you can make your wall your masterpiece. Try different colours and combinations for developing a unique pattern on the wall. If you are planning on hanging pictures, you can set the colour of the room accordingly. Many people prefer lighter tones like white of grey will be available. 

These simple ways are only some of the methods which you can use your ideas to create something interesting and unique in your own house. The aim is to look totally Glam up your house with these tips and throw a party without having to worry about the old dusty paint.

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