Nightforce SHV Scopes: Why Choose Them Over Other Optics in Their Class


“You cannot buy higher quality riflescopes.” This is an assertion that one of the most trusted makers of riflescopes in the world has made. While this is a bold and strong claim by Nightforce, the company has undoubtedly proven it. By looking at real-world needs, they have built products that offer functionalities that other optics have not met.

Now, one of the many scopes from the company that hunters and competition shooters love is the Nightforce SHV. From its durable build to its illuminated control, it has everything you can ask for in an optical sighting device.

Reasons to Choose the SHV

A lot of reviewers agree that SHV riflescopes are an excellent choice for big game and varmint hunters. Not only that, but many of those joining shooting competitions have appreciated how these scopes improved their accuracy and chances of winning. So, what makes the SHV stand out from the rest?

Powerful magnification

Specifically designed for hunters, SHV riflescopes provide 5x power for close-range shooting and 20x power for sniping. Models that sport the second focal plane set-up will help you hit varmints at long distances with ease.  

High accuracy

Used with the right Nightforce rings Australia firearm suppliers have, the SHV riflescopes are pretty accurate. Their objective lenses are highly optimised that they will maintain your accuracy even under unfavourable conditions.


Low light features

The objective lens of these scopes allows for maximum light collection, which is very useful during night hunts. To top it off, it comes with the MOAR reticle that lights up your target for precise aiming.

Parallax adjustment

Yes, the SHV scopes also come with the parallax adjustment features that their more expensive counterparts have. And when you choose the illuminated model, the side focus is combined with illumination control.

Water and fog-proof functionality

These scopes are tested for water-tightness before they leave the manufacturing facility to ensure that they can fully perform even under the harshest of weather conditions. They are also recoil-proof.


SHV scopes are known to be lighter than other riflescopes, which means that they do not significantly add up to the total weight of your rifle. This also means that you will not easily get tired when aiming for a target.   


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The SHV is not the only riflescope from Nightforce. There are also other popular models, such as the NXS. Now, this would bring some questions about which might be the best fit for your needs.

In this section, we will try to offer a quick comparison between these families of scopes.

Nightforce SHV

SHV stands for “Shooter Hunter Varminter”. When it was first introduced in the market, many people labelled it as an entry-level scope. However, it turned out to exceed users’ expectations. After its initial success, the Nightforce SHV has expanded its line, with models having more reticle options available.

Today, there are already four different power range models in the SHV family, with all of them built on a 30-millimetre tube. They also use different focal plane configurations (FPCs), with one built on the first FPC and the other three built on the second FPC.     

Nightforce NXS

Introduced 15 years before the SHV, the Nightforce NXS (Nightforce Extreme Scope) could be said to be the big brother between the two. It was initially designed for military use, establishing the company as a high-end, precision riflescope manufacturer.

Today, the NXS series consists of five models, including the Nightforce NX8 Australia gun shops have, which are a favourite among members of the military and law enforcement because of their advanced features.  

Of course, the NXS scopes also come with a range of reticle options, like the SHV.

Which Nightforce Riflescope to Choose

Choosing between these two lines of riflescopes can be a challenge. But you would never go wrong whichever you pick.

Generally speaking, the SHV is a good choice if you are just starting and limited on your budget. But if you need something that is more robust and can withstand heavy use, then you should opt for the NXS.


The Nightforce SHV riflescopes have all the features and functionalities you need to meet your hunting and shooting needs. With their reliability and precision, they can improve your accuracy whether you are on the field or at the range. You get the versatility and value in one package!

However, when purchasing scopes and optics from Nightforce, you should only do it with an authorised shop. This way, you will receive the best deals and after-purchase services.

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