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Ninfea Furniture |Tips for Buying a Dining Table

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If you're like most folks, you almost certainly don’t buy a replacement board every six months. you'll use yours for anywhere between 5 and 10 years. So, choosing your board shouldn’t be wiped out in a rush.

To help you create the proper decision, we’ve put together this board. Following these easy tips will allow you to settle on a table that best matches your home, lifestyle, and taste – a design that you simply will love for several years to return. Believe how it feels to take a seat at one among those tables, whether it'll be comfortable for long periods, and examine floor models for signs of wear and tear. search for nicks and scratches which will indicate how the tables would endure through serious use reception.

Consider your needs before deciding on the shape

Square and rectangular tables are the foremost common, so you’ll find the greater number of choices there with Italian modern furniture, sizes, and extendable options. But a round or oval table can offer you a touch more room to maneuver around since it cuts off the corners but still features a good area. In terms of compressing people in, you’re only limited by the perimeter of the table

Pay attention to the table support

The base — usually legs, a pedestal, or a trestle — can have an impact on what percentage of people you'll fit at a table. “You just want to make certain the leg space isn’t being invaded by the supports,” said Jackie Hirschhaut, the vice-chairman of PR and marketing for the Italian Home Furnishings Alliance. Once you see a table face to face, sit at it to ascertain if your legs hit the table’s legs. Verify you've got enough space for your knees once you scoot all the way in, and if you'll cross your legs underneath the table. The apron — the frame that holds up the tabletop — can hamper your room to maneuver.

How Tall may be a Dining Table?

Table height options can vary, but the quality board height is between 28 and 30 inches. The quality counter-height board is between 34 and 39 inches.

You can also check out an adjustable-height board that will move up or down to support your needs. For instance, some smaller dining tables can convert into coffee tables. Other tables adjust from standard to counter heights so you'll use them with stools or bar chairs.

Common board Materials

The material of your board can really impact the design and feel of your dining space. For instance, cherry may be a richly colored wood which will create a more formal setting, whereas hickory offers a more rustic feeling but is often expensive due to its density. Glass may be a beautiful choice but might not be right for families with young children. Spend a while doing a touch of extra research on choosing the simplest wood for your board top. Here are a couple of our hottest board materials:

Wood tables: Durable and family-friendly, wood offers many finishes and features to suit your style.

Glass tables: Chic and airy, glass is right for creating the illusion of space during a small dining room.

Laminate tables: Often a budget-friendly choice, laminate is additionally lighter than its real wood counterparts.


Stone tables: Whether real or faux, stone offers the classic looks of marble or granite to enrich your decor.

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