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Nintendo Switch Announces Exclusive Tetris 99 Battle Royale Game

Battle Royale Style games are turning out to the latest trend amongst the game developers as after the grand success of PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and many other gaming studios have introduced their variants for the genre, like Epic Games came up with Fortnite which broke 100 million player record during Live Concert by DJ Marshmello in the game. And Respawn’s recent free to play battle royale online shooter game, Apex Legends which reached 25 million players mark in one week.

As seeing such massive success for the genre, Nintendo has also made a decision to develop their own battle royale style game namely Tetris 99. The famous retro title is experiencing some love and is now under development to provide new features to it.

In the latest Nintendo Direct Presentation, everyone was surprised to hear that the Nintendo is planning a battle royale version for Tetris. The new Tetris 99 would feature 99 players, who would compete against each other until only one player is left.

Many believed this could never be a real game but indeed it is now a reality and currently is average for free for the Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. Tetris is the first game available for Switch Online subscription service which is non-NES.

Many community members are speculating that maybe now Switch is starting to shift from only hosting retro titles for their consoles and instead will begin to work on original projects to keep up with the market.

Although many believe that the Tetris 99 is quite unusual to compare with other battle royale games, still it is nice to experience different take for the classic puzzle game.

Tetris is considered one of the most known and played games of all times, and one of the staple games for 90’s kids, and featuring it in modern times surely makes the fans delighted.

Nintendo Switch is making an effort to combine the best of both worlds by modifying retro games with modern gaming trends. Surely comparing other battle royale titles would be unjustified but seeing the combo of old and new is very exciting as players can relate to past and modern times.

It is not clear yet that Tetris 99 will experience similar success as the Tetris Effect, but as of now players are quite enjoying the game and have reverted with positive feedback. 

Of course, Tetris stands nowhere in comparison with PUBG and Fortnite, but the game undoubtedly is fun and a great time killer, which also provides 99 players to play Tetris at the same time.

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