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No Objection Certificate for Bike Insurance: What it is, How to Apply, and Documents Required?

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Many two-wheeler owners believe that they are free to drive their vehicle anywhere once they own the bike. However, without having a driving license, bike insurance, and other relevant documents, you do not have permission to drive your vehicle on public roads in India.

Further, if you want to move to another state and take your two-wheeler with you, you will have to first register your bike there. This will involve obtaining a No Objection Certificate, which will let you ride your bike in the new state without any legal implications. 

What is a No Objection Certificate (NOC)?

A NOC or 'No Objection Certificate' is a document that can be issued only by the Regional Transport Office. If you move to some other state and take your bike or two-wheeler along with you, you will need to re-register your vehicle in the new state.

A NOC will certify that you do not have any tax dues remaining, which you owe to the state you are currently residing in. You can use your vehicle in other states only if you are travelling for a period of 3 months. The NOC should be obtained for stays beyond 3 months.

While this is one of the reasons why you need an NOC, having this certificate is also important when it comes to some matters regarding an insurance policy for a two-wheeler. No Objection Certificate is also required during the transfer of ownership of the bike after the sale of the bike or the demise of the owner.

You will need a NOC in the scenarios given below:

In the events described below, you will need to get a NOC:

  1. Sale or purchase of a vehicle: When you are selling or purchasing a vehicle, a valid NOC is a must. The bike must also have a valid insurance policy for a two-wheeler during the sale. Once the ownership of a vehicle has changed, you have to ensure the two-wheeler policy is in the new owner's name. 

  2. Auctioning off the vehicle: In the event, you are selling the bike off, an NOC is required. When a two-wheeler is sold to a new buyer, you must look after the transfer of the two-wheeler's insurance policy. It is required by law that the current owner of the two-wheeler holds the insurance in their name. 

  3. Death of vehicle owner: An NOC is required in the event the owner of the two-wheeler dies. The bike will then be under the name of the beneficiary. The insurance for the two-wheeler will also be transferred to the beneficiary's name. 

Getting NOC for Bike Insurance:

The No Objection Certificate and your two-wheeler policy almost go hand-in-hand in the following scenarios:

  1. When you obtain a NOC for moving a vehicle to a new state, your bike insurance company should be alerted about the development. Your insurance premium will be affected by the change in the location. For example, if you’re moving from a small town to a metropolitan city, the bike insurance premium will increase. Likewise, if you’re moving from the city to a smaller town, the premium will come down.

  2. While transferring the ownership of your bike to someone else, you will first require an NOC. However, along with the bike, your two-wheeler insurance policy can also be transferred to the new owner. This happens if: 

  • You have to sell the bike to someone else. 

  • In the case of the bike owner's death, the vehicle is passed on to someone else.

When it comes to transferring bike insurance, it is important to keep track of the policy's expiry date. After you receive the NOC from the RTO, the document will be valid for six months. During this time, ensure that the bike insurance policy does not lapse. If the policy is nearing its expiry date, carry out the insurance renewal for the bike online or let the new owner know.

In the case of a bike owner's demise, the nominated beneficiary will have to submit Form 28 at the RTO to get an NOC for transfer of ownership.

Steps to take when applying for an NOC:

  1. Visit the local RTO.

  2. Ask the RTO for Form CMV 28, a basic information form for your personal details like your name, address, number, and so on.

  3. Submit the form with the required documents and a fee of ₹100. 

  4. Once you have submitted the form, the RTO will get in touch with the local police. This step is taken to find if your vehicle was involved in any traffic law violations, criminal cases, and so on. 

  5. If there are no outstanding dues or Department Statutory Action (DSA) cases pending against the vehicle, the RTO will clear the form, and your No Objection Certificate will be issued. 

Steps to obtain NOC online:

  1. Go to the online Parivahan portal. 

  2. Provide your vehicle's registration number and proceed. 

  3. Select 'application for NOC' from the options

  4. Provide the last 5 digits of the vehicle's chassis number 

  5. Provide the details and upload the essential documents 

  6. Pay the fees as applicable for the concerned RTO. 

  7. Save the acknowledgement receipt and application form that was generated. Print them.

  8. You can submit this form with the acknowledgement receipt and the required documents to the concerned RTO. 

The documents required for getting an NOC:

  1. Attested copy of insurance policy for two-wheeler

  2. Attested copy of vehicle's RC (Registration Certificate)

  3. Printout of the chassis number and the engine number

  4. Up-to-date receipt of tax payments 

  5. Vehicle owner's identification of signature

  6. Owner's photo identity proof and address proof 

  7. Valid PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate

While obtaining an NOC, bike insurance documents have an important role to play. Therefore, even though you may be the official owner of the bike, getting NOC for any reason can be difficult or even impossible unless you have a valid bike insurance policy.

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