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No Vaccine - No Air Travel in Pakistan: Suggested by NCOC

Pakistan is among a few countries where the government has taken the right steps to control the covid-19 pandemic. But in the last few days, there is an increase in the new covid-19 positive cases across the country.

Based on this increase, the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) of Pakistan has suggested that there should be a ban on air travel for unvaccinated people. Based on this, all the students are advised to get vaccinated by July 31. 

According to Dunya Urdu News, the NCOC said that alpha, beta, and delta variants are found in Pakistan in the month of May and June. The Alpha variant was originated from the United Kingdom, Beta variant was first detected in South Africa whereas the Delta variant which is considered the most dangerous variant of Covid-19 was originated from India.

The NCOC has declared that vaccination for all these variants is available in Pakistan so it will be compulsory from August 1 to be vaccinated in order to travel by air.

According to the stats provided by the portal of the Government of Pakistan, the daily covid-19 cases were in 3 digits from June 25 and further decreases to around 720 on June 28. Things were under control at that point but then suddenly there is a spike in the daily cases of Covid 19.

Till mid of June, the daily positivity rate was 2 percent but after the gap of just 20 days, it is now around 3% on daily basis. The main reason for this increase is the relaxation provided by the Government in the smart lockdown. Moreover, schools and colleges, restaurants, marriage halls, and other businesses are now open. 

In addition to the relaxation in the lockdown, regular traveling in the public transport and failure to follow the COVID-19 SOPS by the general public are the main reasons for the increase in the daily increase of the Covid-19 cases.

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There are a few more recommendations from NCOC to control the increase in the Covid-19 cases and to encourage people to get vaccinated. One such recommendation is to make it mandatory to be vaccinated in order to book a room in a hotel. If a particular person doesn't have a vaccination certification that person will not be allowed to stay in any hotel across the country.

Furthermore, NCOC is considering a lot more things to control the spread of the virus by limiting unnecessary traveling across the country. According to the experts, there should be control on the public gatherings, especially religious gatherings because these gatherings are big enough to allow the virus to spread rapidly.

In the meeting, organized by the National Command and Operation Center, officials clearly said that there is a need to strictly implement the SOPs of Covid-19. Otherwise, it would not be possible to control the spread of the Delta variant of Covid-19. They further said that it will be very dangerous and things will be out of control if this Delta virus spreads like the current situation. 

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