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Nobody ever said that running a business was easy!

Five Reasons Your Customers Are Running Towards The Competition

There are plenty of things to consider; marketing plans, investor opportunities and developing lasting partnerships with companies that are just as invested in your business as you are. Many new companies don’t give a lot of thought to how their vendors fit into their overall busines goals, which is a big mistake that you should avoid. Your vendors, especially call center vendors, are the first line of defense between you and your customers. It pays to make smart decisions and look for partners, not vendors.

What’s the difference between a partner and a vendor? One is interested in helping you grow and will stick by your side through thick and thin. The other is interested in offering you a service. Partners are a valuable asset to your growing business. Vendors provide short-term solutions to problems. There are plenty of reason why you need partners, not vendors.

They Are Invested In Your Success

Partners are long-term allies who are fully invested in your success. They don’t offer band-aid solutions to your problems, but instead will scale with you to make sure that you are succeeding and handling all of the growing needs of your customers. The best partners are ones who have proven track records of being able to scale. These are really the ones that you’ll want to look for, because as your business grows your needs will change. You need a company that can switch focus on the turn of a dime and devote resources to handling your problems with ease.

(v)WeCare prides ourself on being a partner, not a vendor. We approach our client relationships from the perspective of being a powerful ally as opposed to a service provider. Our loyalty shines through in all levels of the company; from transparency at the top, to well-versed customer service reps who are able to represent our clients professionally and give your clients the white-glove service. When you work with (v)WeCare, you know that you will always be in good hands!

 They Don’t Mind Personalizing Their Services

 Most companies know that cookie-cutter services simply won’t cut it. Each company is different, which is why partners will personalize their services, as opposed to simply offering you what has worked for someone else in the the past. This way, you’re only getting the services that you need, as opposed to a bunch of stuff that you don’t need or want. This small touch also emphasizes the difference between partners and vendors. Partners are willing to be flexible. Vendors often are not.

(v)WeCare knows that each and every client is different, which is why we personlize our services to reflect the needs of each individual client. We are willing to sit down and discuss options with you and come up with a package that works best for your needs.

 They Have No Problem Adding Value When They Can

 Just as partners will personalize their services, they will also add value where they can. Where vendors see dollar signs, partners see opportunities to collaborate together and will give a few extras where they can, just to make the relationship stronger and the project work better. They will also go out of their way to provide the little extras that make companies feel better. Partners will prioritize a client’s security as high as their own and offer your customers a variety of ways to communicate with reps. Vendors often will not.

(v)WeCare takes the security of our clients very seriously. We have 24/7 monitoring and limit admin rights for our reps, as well as disable USB access on all of our machines. Additionally, we delight in going above and beyond for our clients. If we can add in a little something extra to make the customer experience better, we do it.

When it comes time for your business to expand, look for partners not vendors. They’re more likely to be in your corner when times get rough, they’ll provide extra services and be fully invested in yoru success.

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