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North Dallas Dermatology Services

North Dallas Dermatology

At any age, a person may be experiencing issues with their skin that hurts their self-esteem. They may have unusual bumps, wrinkles, or adult acne that are making them feel anything but attractive. If a person is not happy with the condition of their skin they should visit North Dallas Dermatology to get the help that they need.

Adult Acne

An adult no longer has to suffer from acne. While acne is normal it can bother a person as they age. If they have chronic acne the dermatologist can help. The dermatologist can prescribe a treatment plan including a prescription medication as well as a topical cream that will kill the bacteria and allow a person to have clear skin.


If a person is experiencing wrinkles and they want to have smooth skin again they can see the dermatologist for a Botox treatment. A small injection of Botox is made on the face and the muscles will not be able to move to allow the skin to be smooth and wrinkle-free. The dermatologist will meet with the person and develop a schedule for Botox to keep the skin smooth.

Annual Skin Exam

A person should have their skin checked by a dermatologist at least once a year. Skin cancer is a very real threat. If it is caught early a person can have the area removed and save their health. The dermatologist can check for any bumps, moles, or other signs of skin cancer and develop a treatment plan. If a person notices any odd bumps or moles they should contact the dermatologist right away to schedule an exam.

Chemical Peel

This is a treatment that will leave the skin looking soft and smooth once again. A specific peel is applied to the face and it will remove any dead or dull-looking skin. The new skin that is soft and free from damage will be allowed to come through and improve a person’s appearance.


This process will remove any growth such as moles or other abrasions on the surface of the skin. This procedure is non-invasive. The dermatologist will use a container of liquid nitrogen to free off the specific area. It will then be removed and the growth will be done.


Cysts are picked that are filled with pus or other fluid. While they are not dangerous they can be unsightly and get in a person’s way. The dermatologist will be able to drain the system and remove the walls of the cyst to reduce the chances that they will grow back.


This can be an embarrassing condition where a person will notice white flakes coming off of the scalp and into their hair or clothing. If a person has a severe case of dandruff over the counter shampoos are not enough to stop the issue. The dermatologist can prescribe a specific treatment to help stop this embarrassing condition.


While this condition is common it can be painful. The skin will become inflamed and will have red patches. The dermatologist will examine the patient and they will recommend the best treatment or the condition. This can include topical treatments or antibiotics.

These are just some of the services offered by the North Dallas Dermatology. They can help a person with all of their skin concerns and needs. A person will leave the office feeling better about themselves and know that they were in good hands.

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