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Nursing Capstone Project Ideas: Which are the Most Successful in 2019?

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Your capstone paper is going to be one of the most important projects you have to complete. Before you can get the ball rolling, you have to look at some nursing capstone project ideas. With the years passing, there is a lot changing in terms of what is popular topics. Also, a lot of information changes through the years and it is senseless writing about an issue that is already solved. Staying up to date with this kind of developments will help you choose the right topic. These capstone project ideas will help you achieve the success you are hoping for.


This is a very controversial topic, but it is a popular one for nursing. There is a divide in the safety and necessity of anesthesia. Discovering safer ways to administer this to patients is what the discussions are now. Adding value to such an important topic is going to help you achieve the score you want. You would need to do a lot of research on any capstone project nursing so this would require the same amount of commitment. It is a scary topic to cover, but if you are brave enough to do it and do it well, you are winning.


One of the most common causes for patients to end up at the hospital is wounds. This can vary a lot and there is so much to cover. It is a great opportunity for you to either focus on one wound type of a variety of these. It would require some intensive research, but instead of seeing this as an obstacle, take it as a challenge. You want your capstone project to stand out from the rest and this is an interesting and challenging topic. Why not challenge yourself and receive the score you want?

Post-natal care

There are some topics that might not be very popular, but they are necessary to cover. Breastfeeding and other post-natal topics are definitely rising in popularity. With the controversial discussion taking place around breastfeeding, it is easy to see why this is becoming a hot topic. There is so much we still don’t know and if you can add value to this topic, it would definitely get you the results you want. When you think of capstone nursing ideas, you want to find relevant and popular ones.


Perhaps this is not a popular topic in nursing, but there is so much to be said here. Dealing with certain behaviors is part of nursing. Covering these behaviors and psychology behind it is a fantastic topic. It is out of the box thinking and is always appreciated by professors. Decide on what angle you want to take and stick with it.

Final thoughts on nursing capstone project ideas

The topic you choose is very important when it comes to writing a capstone paper. This is the first big decision you would have to make. Some people believe that it’s not the topic but the way you cover it. Needless to say, the topic is very important. If it does not make an impact in the healthcare industry, it is fruitless. The topics mentioned above are popular and there for a reason. It always does well and gets the students they result they are hoping for.

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