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Nursing Care Connect Gives Access To Top Skilled Nursing Care

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It unfortunately ends up that one day a family member or friend needs quality nursing care and it seems as if there are only a few options locally you may know about. In the past you would ask around through friends or associates hoping for a good word of mouth referral. Or you may have called local companies you heard of or searched for online.

Matt Band was in a real bind when his grandfather needed specific types of skilled nursing care and when he went looking online. It became more problematic since there was not a searchable website to use. So he ended up creating one that fulfilled anyone looking for all of the requirements for in-home nursing care, nursing homes, hospice care and more.

It’s one of the most difficult decisions finding a skilled nursing care facility for a parent or grandparent whose health problems have gotten worse. In the past you calledlocal nursing homeswith no way to cross-reference the options in making the best choice. Nowa new website has launched called: NursingCareConnect.com, whichsearches quickly for the top nursing care. Co-founder Matt Band of Los Angeles created this siteresearching the best way to offer comprehensive nursing care options for anyone’s specific nursing care needs.

We sat down for a Q and A interview with Matt to find out more:

How did you come up with this business?

It all started with my grandfather needing to move into a nursing home. He was getting older and it was difficult for the family to continue to take care of him. The real issue was finding a reputable nursing home within our city that we trusted.

To begin with, our family conducted our due diligence on the different facilities within our vicinity. However, there was no “go to” source or directory, which listed the nursing homes with a comprehensive review system and company profile.

That is when it hit me. Imagine an all in one platform, where you can compare and filter nursing homes, assisted living facilities, Alzheimer’s care facilities, and in-home care professionals based on your needs and location.

We then decided to take it one step further, and add a comprehensive review system based off 6 categories. Users and family members can share their experience with the facility or in-home care professional directly on the company profile.

The best part of all is the direct contact forms where you can contact the facility/provider directly with no middleman.

In other words, NursingCareConnect.com is the all in one, comprehensive online directory for nursing homes, assisted living, Alzheimer’s care, and in-home care.

Why this business model now?

What makes our platform unique from any others out there is the fact that we do not get a referral fee from the facilities on our platform whose services you may utilize. There is no incentive for us to sway you one way or another. This model eliminates any potential bias and therefor allows the best facilities to organically grow.

Another unique feature is that users and potential prospective clients can browse our directory without having to register their information. Other platforms require visitors to fill out forms before they can browse, which turns them off from the whole process. Not only can you browse without having to register, but can directly inquire with the facilities/in-home care professionals.


Doesit cover health care aides?

Our platform provides listings for health care aides in addition to assisted living, Alzheimer’s care, in-home care, and nursing homes.

Is there a stronger need now for nursing care in people’s homes?

An estimated 10,000 baby boomers a day are turning 62 years old. There is a huge increase for demand for these services.

Is this a directory to all skilled nursing care providers?

Yes it is.

Does the directory also link people to qualified nursing homes?

Yes it does.

For more info: www.NursingCareConnect.com

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