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NuTone Residential Central Vacuum System Power Unit, 700 Air Watts

The Nutone PP7001 central vacuum is quiet and operates very silently when vacuuming, especially if it is installed in a garage or basement. It boasts of a filtration system that is unmatched that helps you perform your vacuuming duties without spreading dust in your home, this is possible because small dirt particles are exhausted by the system to the home’s exterior, all this while keeping your indoor air fresh and clean.

The Nutone PP7001 Central Vacuum combines an unmatched suction and a powerful filtration system to remove all allergens, dust, and dirt from your home surfaces. It also features a sealed HEPA filtration with 650 air watts of power to give you the cleanest air in your home. It comes in a sleek design that easily fits into compact and small spaces and is ideal for homes with a square footage of 2,500 to 10,000.

The Nutone PP7001 central vacuum is fitted with ultra-silent technology that has sound absorbing techniques and materials, making it one of the quietest vacuum cleaners in the industry. It makes deep cleaning easy and peaceful.

Nutone PP7001 Central Vacuum Features

        Comes with a large 6 gallon that is corrosion-free and easy to clean and that only requires emptying twice a year.

        It offers a bagged and bagless option so if you ever run out of bags, all you have t do is switch to the bagless option

        Offers a 6-year labor warranty and a 10-year parts warranty and unlimited support from our team

        Unmatched filtration technology

        Quiet cleaning at 63Db

        700 air watts for deep cleaning upholstery and carpets

        Up to five times the cleaning power of portable vacuums

Cleaning has never been easier and quieter. You no longer have t struggle to clean room after room. The wall outlets are convenient places throughout your home for easy access without having to pull a heavy vacuum throughout the cleaning process. You only need to carry the lightweight hose.



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