Nutribullet 600 Vs 900 -checkout what is the difference


Are you seeking a blender that keeps the whole nutrition of the food? Then you can choose the Nutribullet blender. Nutribullet blenders are very popular to the people for keeping the whole nutrition of the food which is very food for our health. In this guide, we’ll discuss the original Nutribullet that is Nutribullet 600, and the Nutribullet Pro that is Nutribullet 900. Let’s jump right to the discussion Nutribullet 600 Vs 900


The blending power of these two Nutribullet is different. Nutribullet pro is more powerful compared to the original Nutri blender. The original Nutri blender has a 600w motor power, on the other hand, Nutri pro has a 900w motor power. So the 900w is more powerful than 600w motor power.

With the 900w motor power, you can quickly make smoothies or you can grind any toughest ingredients. But the Nutri 600 takes a little time to make your recipe.

The Blades

The blades are very sharp and durable that creates cyclonic action to make smoothies or other things. Nutri 600 and 900 blade provides you to make your favorite nut butter, any nutritious shakes or smoothies from the toughest items. The blades are removable, also, both of the Nutri blenders provide extra blades that are very helpful to make any hard or soft recipes.

When cleaning the blades, you should be careful as they are sharp.


Size of the Nutribullet

The size of a blender is an important thing to consider, and you should consider this before buying a blender for you. If you have a small kitchen cabinet then choose the Nutribullet 600 blender, this also could be a great choice for a small family. And you can choose the Nutribullet 900 if yours is a large kitchen cabinet.

Compared to Nutri 900, the Nutribullet 600 is small in size. Choose the size wisely according to your personal preference.

Easy to use

A Nutri blender is very easy to use, and this is another reason people like the Nutribullet blender. When it comes to using, both of the Nutri blenders are the same. To use the Nutri blender, you just need to add the ingredients to the cup and attach the lid. And then just press and twist the cup to the motor base. Once you attach the cup, run the blender.

Easy to clean

Typically, it is considered that cleaning a Nutri blender is like magic. Nutri cups are made of the BPA-free plastic, as well as, they are dishwasher safe. Use a drop of the dishwasher and then rinse the cup with water properly. When you finish cleaning the cup, let the cups air dry properly.

Make sure you always clean the cups after each time you use the blender that's because regular cleaning keeps the blender in a good condition also, it makes the blender durable. So from the next time, clean properly your Nutri blender

The Goodies

When you'll have some goodies with your blender this will make it easier to use the blender. These two Nutri blenders come with some handy goodies that are really great. Nutribullet 600 comes with - a pocket nutritionist, one high torque power base, one user manual (it contains recipes), one stay-fresh lid, one handled comfort lip ring, one short cup, one tall cup, and one extractor blade.

Nutribullet 900 comes with - a user manual, a healthy recipe book, one pocket nutritionist, two comfort lip rings, two-handled lip rings, twp flip-top lids, two 32-oz colossal cups, one emulsifying extractor blade, and a high-torque power base.

Versatile use

You can use your Nutribullet blender for versatile food making purposes, and by this, you will get different nutritious foods quickly. Nutribullet 600 and Nutribullet 900 can be used to make smoothies, soups, baby food, soups, grind seeds or beans, making sauces, mayonnaise, batter, different shakes or juices, etc.

When making any liquid items make sure you attach the lid of your Nutri cup or else there are chances of spilled the liquids.

Noise level

Can you adjust to the noise level of a blender or not? These two Nutri blenders are different in terms of the noise level. Compared to Nutribullet 900, the Nutribullet 600 is less noisy. As the Nutribullet 900 is more powerful than the Nutribullet 600 so it is a little bit noisy than the original Nutri blender.

If you can adjust with the noise level then choose the Nutri Pro 900 or you can choose the Nutri 600 blender for your kitchen.


When it comes to the color, you will get more color options to choose from the Nutribullet 900 blender. This blender provides eleven color options that are  - silver, white, violet, sky, rose gold, onyx, coral, berry, champagne, clover, and cobalt.

On the other hand, Nutribullet 600 has two colors, and these are - graphite and black. You can choose the color you want. When choosing a color, keep one thing in mind - the price will vary depending on the color you choose.


In terms of the warranty, Nutribullet 600 and Nutribullet 900 are the same. Nutri series blenders come with a one-year limited warranty. Though the warranty is limited yet your Nutri blender can last for 3 to 4 years if you take proper care and maintenance. And Nutri blenders need a little maintenance compared to other blenders on the market.

You can choose the Nutri 600 or Nutri 900, the warranty will be the same.


Nutribullet 900 is more expensive than the Nutribullet 600 blender. But there is not a lot of difference in the price. There are some pretty good reasons why a Nutri 900 blender is expensive - Nutri Pro 900 is more powerful than Nutri 600, it has many color options and other features that you will not get from the Nutri 600.

For these features, it is worth buying the Nutribullet 900 blender. If you have a budget issue then the Nutribullet 600 can be your choice.

Final Thoughts

Both of the Nutribullet are powerful enough and are great to make smoothies and other recipes in no time. We’d suggest you buy the Nutribullet 900 since it is more powerful than Nutribullet 600. But if you cannot afford the price then buy the Nutribullet 600 which is the original Nutri blender.

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