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Obtain Your Yoga Teacher Training Course at Professional Centres

Yoga teacher training is an important stage in the life of a yogi. This is the time when the making of a yogi and Yoga teacher begins. During this phase, a yogic mind flourishes and becomes ready for the long journey ahead. It is also a period of time when Yoga is produced from a Yoga practitioner. All these happen in the shadow of highly knowledgeable Yoga experts who guide aspiring yogis on the sacred path of Yoga. This makes the role of a Yoga teacher and the Yoga center he/she is associated with, extremely significant. Every student, who is aiming to become a Yoga trainer in the future, should get training from a certified and scholarly Yoga teacher. Professional centers are considered the best place to learn the fundamentals of Yoga.


Benefits of obtaining Yoga TTC course from a certified Yoga school:


★ Yoga teacher training marks perfection in all aspects of life.
★ When you attend an YTTC at an internationally-recognized Yoga school, you will get a thorough outlook into the science of Yoga and its spiritual elements.
★ Certified Yoga teacher training courses in Nepal transform you into an oracle Yoga master so that you will be able to teach your future students perfectly.
★ An RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) enjoys a special reputation in the Yoga society and is welcomed and respected in the global Yoga circle.
★ Each and every facet of Yoga is covered during a Yoga teacher training course in a routine manner.
★ Apart from understanding the complete theory of Yoga and spirituality, Yoga TTC is an ideal opportunity for one’s personal growth as a person as well as a yogi.
★ A Yoga teacher training graduate boasts of a different outlook of the world that a normal human being does. Constructive brains are produced at Yoga centers.


Best Yoga Teacher Training Centers in Nepal:


● Nepal Yoga Home: By virtue of students’ attendance, Nepal Yoga Home is a pioneer Yoga school in the national capital. Located at the extremity of Nagarjun Forest Reserve, the school is a true abode of traditional Yoga in Nepal. Along with Yoga TTC, the Yoga Home offers Yoga retreats in Nepal and Ayurveda courses as well. Yoga aspirants find solace in the lap of lush vegetation. After gaining certification from this Yoga school, they enjoy tremendous success in the field of Yoga.

● Shivalaya Yoga Ashram: Located in the heart of Nepal in Lekhnath, which is approx 40 km from the Yoga hub of Pokhara, Shivalaya is a popular Yoga school in the country. The ashram claims itself to be shaped by environment, which is evidenced by its setting on the hilltop. Yoga aspirants are offered teachings derived from ancient Yoga knowledge. Practicing the purity of Yoga overlooking the breathtaking Begnas Lake offers immense tranquility.

● Rishikul Yogshala: Rishikul Yogshala is an international brand in the Yoga world, with its yoga school in Nepal being located in the beautiful region of Pokhara. Sitting in the backdrop of Phewa Lake, the Yogshala is a great admirer of Yoga’s most ancient wisdom. While Hatha Yoga is the main topic of discussion in the school’s curriculum, the philosophical study is given immense importance. Affiliated to Yoga Alliance, the Yoga center aims to give a complete outlook of the yogic world to its students so that they become eligible to teach Yoga across the world.

Not only Nepal and the Indian subcontinent but the whole world is getting Yoga-fied and Yoga TTC programs are available in almost every corner of the world. If you love Yoga, you can experience its beauty anywhere in the world. But if you want to witness the ancient science in its ancient form, you should head towards its traditional home, Nepal, where Buddha was born.

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