Office Hazards: Signs Your Photocopier Needs Photocopier Repairs


Are you wondering how to identify that your photocopier needs service? Aren't you aware of the process?

One of the most significant office staples is photocopiers; especially in a commercial place or office, a photocopy machine deals with rigorous use and tremendous workloads. It is indeed a non-living office employee who requires to put in unending efforts every snapping time. Indeed, it is all time busy like a warehouse staff! 

However, no matter you operate a single or multi-operational photocopy machine, it periodically requires photocopier repairs and proper maintenance. Due to the lack of regular repair and servicing, a photocopier can encounter various mechanical dilemmas. i.e., lines or streaks on paper prints, toner or cartridge issue, paper jams, smeared printing, wrinkled pages, or, furthermore, random spots all over the copies.

Some common problems of photocopiers can thankfully get reconciled with little effort. But, in several contrasts, the table can turn. To avoid the plights altogether, you often require thorough observation and maintenance. Moreover, timely photocopier repairs and servicing will enhance the photocopier lifespan and ensure you don't experience troubleshoot problems for longer times. 

Common Problems in the Photocopier:

1. Paper Jams, More Frequent than you Ever Like!

The most common problem with a photocopier is a paper jam. This uninvited dilemma surprisingly results in an enormous volume of office disruption. It annoyingly keeps creating constant backlogs and a standstill. You'd notice, this odd problem essentially occurs at the worst possible times when you urgently need something to print. It usually is the consequence of faulty installation.

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The insertion of thick or wrong paper type, overloading, incorrect paper loading, or allowing dust to build up inside the copier can drive the issue. To make your photocopier return to the normal phase, you strictly need photocopier repairs from a professional repairman. The expert will clean the feed tires and dust inside your machine and prevent it from jamming again.

2. Unusual Whirring Noise

One of the best ways to recognize photocopier malfunction is unusual sound or whirring, grinding noise. Generally, well-performing printers do not make any sound. If you notice any outlandish noise or vibrancy, it may be leading to a mechanical issue with the equipment. If it left a disservice, it likely becomes worse over time. Calling for professional help in this situation is indeed a smart call!

3. Toner & Cartridge Problem

Most of the time, people fail to set up the photocopy machine correctly, which leads to toner and cartridge issues, in general. This prevailing problem can also navigate if not using the correct toner cartridge referred for the specific model. Even an unintended use of an incompatible cartridge can make your machine suffer badly.

Besides, empty toner also wreaks havoc with a photocopy device. If replacing the toner or cartridge does not solve the issue, calling for expert photocopier repair assistance is the only option you left. Because only they can help you determine the best possible toner compatible with your printing machine.

4. Too Dark/ Light Print Outs

If you are noticing some dark or barely visible copies printing out from your photocopier? The issue with darker or extreme lighter printouts perhaps pointing towards potential malfunction of the machine. It can be a disproportion in the photocopier density controls. 

If the issue persists even after checking the machine setting and resetting the density level, your device is supposedly summoning for repair services.


Malfunctioning and inconsistent performance is generally a common issue in photocopiers. Whereas emergence of the problem isn't in your hand, but prevention is. Hence, calling for assistance from an experienced company that provides photocopier repairs and allied services is a good decision. Constant observance and maintenance moreover won't affect your office workflow or business at all.