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Office Space and a Growing Company: How to Get the Most Out of Your Work Environment

Growing and expanding their company is every entrepreneur’s dream. With a steady influx of new business, higher audience engagement, and an established brand reputation in the offline and online realms, there is a need to bring in new people while maintaining order and productivity in the office on a daily basis. However, this will not come naturally, and in fact, a growing company faces some serious obstacles ahead.

Should you move into a new office, or should you keep the old place? How do you reinvent the existing space to support day-long zeal among employees, nurture creativity and communication, and evoke the right kind of emotions to keep the dream-team happy? Let’s answer these questions with five tips that can help you get the most out of your work environment.

Say goodbye to the cubicle

If the cubicle still plays the leading role in your office layout, then the time has come to take your company into the 21st century. If there is anything millennial workforce can no longer stand, it’s the closed off, cage-like cubicle spaces that were once the foundation of the decor in every work environment. Nowadays, the modern employee needs and wants to work in a space that is open, free, and rich in “positive” vibes.

With that in mind, your first order of business is to make room for all of these vibes to settle in by eliminating the dreaded cubicle and embracing the open-plan office design. Creating one grand co-working space is not only a great way to get people to talk and exchange ideas that will propel your company forward, but it’s also a great way to imbue their work environment with a feeling of freedom and positivity.

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Introduce some privacy

Introducing the open-plan office doesn’t mean that you should eliminate all private spaces; quite the contrary, it calls for some smart design solutions that will answer the needs of your diverse employee collective. Quite simply, some are introverts, some are extroverts, and others are just having a bad day and need to be in a quiet space where they can focus on the task at hand.

If you want to build a thriving work environment, then giving your employees everything they need to keep their spirits and productivity levels high will be of the utmost importance. To that end, incorporate quiet booths into your overarching open-plan design and equip them with essential features for a productive work day.

Reinforce your company’s culture

One of the most important elements of a thriving workplace, which tends to slowly cave in if business growth is not managed properly, is your company’s culture. The design of your office and the decor you introduce should not just serve an aesthetic purpose, but it should also help your employees establish an emotional connection with your brand, and fall in love with their work environment.

This is achieved through careful branding and decor management. The top branding design firms in the world emphasize the importance of meticulous space planning and careful furniture and decor selection in order to evoke the right kind of emotions, and tell the story of the brand. Be sure to follow the latest trends if you want to create a space that’s not only representative of your brand’s identity, but it works for you as well.

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Go wireless across the board

Wireless technology might not be new, but businesses are just starting to implement it on a wider scale in their interior design. For a small business or a start-up with limited finances, office-wide wireless connectivity might not be a necessity, but it definitely is for a growing company.

Introducing furniture with built-in wireless tech such as wireless desks and coffee tables in the workplace can be a real game-changer for your team’s productivity levels. Simple elimination of the power cords in your office will help your employees stay productive throughout the day.

Diversify your auxiliary spaces

Lastly, a growing company can no longer survive only on a working area and a small kitchen. You need a multifunctional space that is able to answer the daily needs of a diverse, passionate workforce. With that in mind, you can introduce a rec room, expand the kitchen area, and introduce a sleeping area to help your employees preserve their physical and mental health by getting some quality shut-eye.

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A growing company faces many challenges on the road to long-term stability in a competitive marketplace, of which the problem of the workplace itself can pose many hardships for an inexperienced entrepreneur. Implement these solutions, and watch as your work environment becomes a hub of productivity and success.

Mike Johnston
Mike Johnston is a business and lifestyle blogger from Sydney. He is a regular writer at Smooth Decorator. Mike has also contributed to numerous financial, real estate, and environmental blogs. Mike’s goal is to create meaningful and compelling content that helps and inspires people.
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