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ON TAX DEPRECIATION SCHEDULE: Signs that You’ve Chosen A Good Quantity Surveyor

As an investor, you need to know that there are benefits you can get from Tax Depreciation. At the same time, it is a must that you are well-informed about how to claim them. A Tax Depreciation Schedule is the most important tool for you to do so. And to have that, you need to hire a Quantity Surveyor.

Although you have a trusted accountant, he/she cannot perform the Tax Depreciation Schedule operation and creation; only a Quantity Surveyor can! However, it’s possible that not all Quantity Surveyors out there are completely genuine, skilled and perfect for the field. There can be weaknesses and deficiencies that can affect how the Tax Depreciation Schedule.

Have you already hired a Quantity Surveyor before reading this piece? What can you say about them? Are you satisfied and convinced? Or are you a bit doubtful? The results might not be out yet, but you can still take a look at these 4 signs that say you have chosen a good Quantity Surveyor!



You should know before hiring a Quantity Surveyor whether they have an authorization from the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS). Know if they’re trained and approved to be in the profession.

Find out if the Quantity Surveyor is a registered tax agent. If the Quantity Surveyor is not enlisted under the Tax Agent Services Act of 2009 but works, it’s illegal.

You don’t want to be in any kind of trouble here, so while you’re not yet doing further and bigger steps on your Tax Depreciation Schedule and claims with the Quantity Surveyor, see the certification and report to authorities if needed.

It’s the best sign that you’ve gotten a good one!



If right from the beginning, your Quantity Surveyor is really responsive, then it’s a good sign! They know that replying to clients’ inquiries and handing ample and relevant information to them are essential.

Your Quantity Surveyor listens attentively to your explanations, suggestions and even complaints. They don’t become very impatient about your queries because they know and fully understand that you have zero knowledge about Tax Depreciation.

Clear and enough information is also imparted to you by your Quantity Surveyor, explaining detail-by-detail the things you are required to know.



Even under pressure and amidst unexpected troubles, your Quantity Surveyor can still product the best results for your Tax Depreciation Schedule. They have a sharp eye for high quality, an impressive comprehension to details and a healthy love for excellence.

They aren’t the “just okay” kind of doers, but ones who prefer the best quality among the rest. There’s no space for mediocrity in how they work.



The quality of your Tax Depreciation Schedule and the operations that go with it (site investigation and others) are important, and part of it is the chief priority for precision.

One small mistake in your Tax Depreciation Schedule can lead to big losses in your Tax Depreciation benefits. Your Quantity Surveyor, if really a good one, does not leave a space not double checked and not proofread. Accuracy is extremely important, and knowing that, they also extremely care for it.  



Your Quantity Surveyor has told you from the beginning how time-consuming the processes are and how important it is to manage time wisely while performing them. They do not waste time for any unrelated or far related matters. There’s no time for slacking off and inefficiency, only for progress and effectiveness.

They are focused on meeting deadlines and making the most out of every time. They are productive while working under pressure too. “Late” is not in the vocabulary because they know that time itself is primarily significant when it comes to depreciation.  




A lot about your Tax Depreciation benefits lies in the hands of your selected Quantity Surveyor. Make sure that the one you have has the ones above and more pleasant qualities. If not, you should start questioning, demanding for more quality and doing more research about them.

Doing those can tell you if you should still hire that Quantity Surveyor again and also give recommendations to your friends or not anymore! This is something big, talking about money and property, so it’s alright to give polite requests and to scrutinize carefully! See to it that the Quantity Surveyor on your side is worth giving your time, effort, money and trust.



Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Depreciator, an Australian-based company specializing in and providing Tax Depreciation Schedules for a substantial number of businesses. She writes pieces that help cover people’s need for information regarding taxes, investment and financial planning. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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