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Onboarding UX- Why Positive First Impressions Of Users Are Essential?

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Imagine waking up from a deep slumber and finding yourself in a room with strange lights blinking! You have no idea about the functions and controls of the several buttons in the place. Now think this from the perspective of your users.

When your users download the app for the first time, they also feel like the same. There is no one to guide them to traverse their way through the app. Developing and releasing a new tool or app without active guidance can make them feel stranded.

Significance of Onboarding Users

User onboarding focuses on a series of interactions which assist the user in being familiar with the features. Onboarding can be simple as well as sophisticated. It can be as simple as a greeting or as complex as a set of guided tasks for the users to accomplish.

It’s normal for you to download and use a specific app for the first time. You must have seen how the app simplifies your experience through various massages. Onboarding instills a sense of belief in the users that a particular app would serve them well. Onboarding also assists with building confidence and trust with the new users.   

Onboarding Boosts Long-Term Retention of Users

Adding great functional modules to your app is excellent. But unless you don't guide new users through these exciting features, you cannot engage them. User retention and loyalty are some of the driving factors behind the success of any app. However, knowing your customers inside out will effectively help you to execute the onboarding process.

User onboarding software platforms are quite useful in making you understand your customer's preferences. Don't ever commit the mistake of terming onboarding as an afterthought. It should be present at each stage of the product development process to attract new users. UX specialists should pay particular attention to make the user interface customer friendly.

User Onboarding- The Nickel Tour

It is one of the most popular ways to approach user onboarding. The Nickel Tour onboarding process is famous for mobile applications of varied types. Once the user has downloaded and launched the app for the first time, they are presented with a few screens. These screens usually depict the value of the app. Screens can also illustrate the core functionalities of the app.

Always make sure that the screens are filled with less content and more visuals. You can also provide the progress indications or a skip option. A skip option always works as it gives a sense of empowerment to the users. Don’t ever make your customers feel trapped while the onboarding process is continuing.   

User onboarding experience can be enriched with the help of simple UI buttons. Even the location of the menus can enhance the interaction of the users with the app. You can also opt for a guided tour of the app to make users feel comfortable.    

If user onboarding seems a difficult proposition for you, Apxor is here for your rescue. Their insights framework would help you understand the usage patterns of your customers.

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