Online coloring for Kids


Drawing on an empty page is a powerful method for children's minds and creativity to go as far as they take it. Pick up a pencil and start drawing is one of the first things a child can do and start drawing. Drawing also benefits children's growth as they learn to control their finger grip and movement to the thoughts they are stating. Graphic makes children more expressive, enhances child's motor skills, and develops kids' problem-solving skills. It also enables your kid's imagination more active. So there are numerous causes to start drawing early that can benefit kids to grow creative skills. We desire some of the guidelines we are giving in this article have been helpful for you – but we'd love to hear your ideas too! How do you inspire your kids to draw, and what sort of things do they enjoy drawing?


Drawing is something to mark on a surface; it may be with our finger in the sand or a pencil on paper. We can add color to our marks and fill the outlines with a coat. The early drawings are often the starting stages of creating artwork or design. Rough shapes are often called sketches. The initial tools for drawing were a pencil, brush paper, an easel with different colors. Still, over time, the tools and resources available to use have changed radically, e.g., from finger on sands, sticks on rocks, chalk on slate, pencil on paper, to stylus on the screen. Several channels are available on YouTube, and many websites are available to teach drawing and coloring. In today's article, I will introduce you to one of the beautiful and helpful website, which make your child creative and grow their skills very effectively. 


Coloring-for-kids" is a beautiful website, a convenient online coloring platform for PC and mobile phones. The kids can use this website for educational purposes. It was created in 2021 for children to allow them or their parents to print, download or color online different coloring pages. These types of activities are suitable for children 18 months old and above.

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There are different pages that present math learning with coloring. Kids can learn numbers, alphabets, and much more. The website is frequently updated by professional artists under the review of experienced teachers and educators daily. Following are the different page groups kids can visit here and can learn.


Coloring with Numbers and by math operation

There are different pages with numbers, where kids will fill colors with numbers. These pages are very creative for little kids who are just startups. For example, examine the following images. The sketch has different parts with numbers and math operations. Each number or question has been assigned a part of the sketch. The answers are appended in the bottom of the page with different colors. 

The first sketch illustrates the coloring with numbers. For example, see the number “11” in the bottom section, which has an assigned orange color. Now direct your kids to find the figure “11” in the sketch and fill orange color to the area of number 11. 

The 2nd sketch illustrates the math operation of addition. The number at the bottom is answers to questions, assigns different parts of the sketch. For examples, the answer “5” has assigned a Dark Green color. So, now fined the question which, addition is 5 and fill the Dark Green color on the area of this question. 

The 3rd sketch is illustrating the math operation of subtraction. Answer 6 has assigned a Light Blue color, now find the question which answer is 6 and fill the light blue color of that question area. I have marked one color in the above three images. You can precisely color full sketches. 

Coloring with Letters

 Coloring with Letters is another group of pages, which is daily updated. Kids can color these pages online, and parents can download these awesome pages free of cost for Kids' practice. The figure below illustrates the coloring page with letters.

Coloring with Symbols and Geometric shapes

This page group aims to teach kids symbols and geometric shapes. Kids can learn by filling colors with different symbols and different geometric shapes. These two figures, which illustrate the coloring with different shapes and other symbols, will fill colors with shapes and symbols. The pages are essential for symbols and geometric shape learning.

Coloring Pages for Boys and Girls

The website also creates a group of pages interest based. For example, girls' pages contain different sketches like by girls, e.g., Barbie dolls, Mermaids Little, Pandas, Unicorns, Cats, Princesses, horses, ballerina, and much more. The pages created for Boys are based on boys' interests, e.g., Cars, Construction machines, helicopters, planes, ships, transport, tanks, and much more.  


Educational coloring pages

The website also contains educational coloring pages, where kids can learn math by finding the right color using different math operations, e.g., multiplication, division, subtraction, or summation. The website creates new coloring pages operation every day to give educational and exciting tasks for children.

Note: If don't see the full sketch, click on the sketch for full view.